Happy Blogmas Day 9!

Do you remember how exciting it was to get mail when you were a kid? What was better than receiving a letter addressed to you?! Heck, I still love getting mail (non-bill related mail, of course).

Well, there is a sweet little 6 year old girl in Utah who is asking anyone and everyone who is willing, to send her mail.

This lady’s name is Addie. She suffers from an undiagnosed illness – and was given less than one year to live.


Anticipating that this Christmas will likely be the last for Addie, her family is doing everything that they can to make it extra special – and they’ve asked the public to help. Since Addie loves receiving cards – her parents are asking that people add her to their holiday mailing lists when sending out their Christmas cards.

You can read Addie’s whole story here.


While they make me cry in an instant, I love stories like these – and being able to do a little something to make a sweet child smile.

Danny Nickerson had a similar birthday wish this past summer! I was happy to mail him a card too 🙂

danny nickerson
Such a wonderful idea.

If you have a moment to pick up an extra holiday card today – do so! They can be mailed to:

P.O. BOX 162

I’m popping mine in the mail this afternoon 🙂

FullSizeRender (4)


Have you heard about Addie’s story?

Let me know if you plan to send her some mail 🙂 


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