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First off, my 5K YouTube giveaway is finally LIVE! This was an exciting milestone for me and I wanted to do something to say thank you. 🙂 I’ll be sending one lucky winner a box filled with ALL THE THINGS! Think makeup, accessories, nail polish, fun fall goodies, and maybe a couple of gift cards (it is PSL season ya know)…it’s going to be SO good. I wish I could win it myself. Here’s how to enter…

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If you want to know exactly what’s inside, be sure you’re following me on Instagram! I’ll be dropping hints and sharing some sneak peeks of the prize on stories over the next couple of weeks. 🙂 Winner will be announced on 11/6/18.

Alright, now onto the good stuff…

I wanted to combine this giveaway with a Becoming Bella post which was kind of a poor move on my part because when sharing a BB, I have to be in the right frame of mind to publish it. And on TOP of that, I decided to share part of this post on YouTube! Yiiiikes.

This should have gone live on Monday morning, but I chickened out. I overthink a lot of things and I am super protective of my personal life these days which is making me a bit hesitant to share these posts. But I woke up this morning a) realizing that this darn giveaway needs to go live like yesterday and b) remembering that BB is such an important part of me and my blog and I always gain something when I open my heart (I hope you gain something too)!

I do love having the opportunity to share the lessons I’ve learned because it allows us to connect on a more intimate, human level. A discussion is always started and then we get to learn from each other — I love that so much. I am so far from perfect and my life has done a pretty wild 180 this year (you can call me Tony Hawk). Navigating the change was really eye opening and allowed me to learn and grow in ways I never have before. I feel like this ridiculously bright, extra fluorescent, TJ Maxx dressing room style lightbulb turned itself on and woke me up. I was able to better understand myself and my needs and realized that no one other than me was responsible to take care of them. It takes a lot to muster up the courage to change the course of your life, but when you wake up like that, all you want to do is help others do the same.

 I think it’s important to know that we all go through hard times, but you can & will come out on the other side. If you’ve found yourself struggling a bit lately, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch…

I know that it’s easier said than done, but by truly surrendering you’re giving yourself the chance to really move forward. You’re cleaning your slate, you’re accepting your current state (ooh that rhymed I like it) and you’re opening your heart to the world. You’re telling the universe “I’m ready” and that freakyyyyy universe is going to deliver. When you are truly ready, it will deliver.

Let me be a testament to it. So many new and wonderful changes, people, and opportunities have recently entered my life that I am certain would have never materialized had I not made that conscious choice. I believe it 100%.

If you’re finding yourself on the fence about something, constantly questioning the what if’s, or simply feel hurt right right now, deep down you know that something has to change. You’re in-tune and that’s the first step. Don’t be scared, it’s all going to be okay. Just surrender & #TRUST. ❤️

I want to know your stories! What did you do to overcome a tough situation and how are you doing now? Have you ever totally surrendered?!


17 comments on “BECOMING BELLA: Surrendering [plus a YouTube Giveaway!]”

    • You definitely have! 🙂 I appreciate your support so much. Thank you for reading & entering. Good luck babe!! XOXO

  1. I’m so glad you decided to do this! Thanks for opening up and sharing this way. There’s a lot of wisdom in your words, and I have no doubt they’ll have a positive impact on many!

    • GIRL!! You know those dressing rooms are the real deal. They’ll wake you up to every wrinkle, roll, beauty mark, nook and crannie LOLOL! Enjoy the video my friend XO

  2. So So PERFECT!!! And I’m not surprised whatsoever 🙂 I think your words will help anyone who comes across them – they always help me – and I agree, if you don’t surrender to what is, your life will surely go in a loop and become as my username states 😉 I know because I’m in the midst –haha- but really great post and I’m still so happy for you (for everything) and the next time we meet, let’s pick a sunny day! xo

    • Aw thank you for this! I am so glad they help – life is crazy, it really is. It’s so hard to know what your future holds, and it can be really hard to just trust that things will work…but if you follow your gut I really believe you’ll be appropriately directed. I am so grateful for YOU!! XOXO

  3. Love the TJ Maxx dressing room reference 😉 Always such a down-to-earth, relatable girl with a gentle, open heart. The world needs more people like you! <3

    • Haha as someone who frequents the TJ dressing rooms as often as I , I know you appreciate that!! 😉 Thank you so much for being a great friend, Kell. Every girl needs a friend like YOU! Love you so much XOXO

  4. What a fun giveway!! 🙂 . So excited to see who wins!!!
    I agree, it’s so hard to be open and honest. I share that struggle sometimes. I feel like I need to be perfectly poised ALL the time. In reality, life is messy sometimes. And that messiness helps us grow and become stronger! And when we’re honest about our struggles – as well as our victories – we can encourage others.
    I love honesty and bloggers who are real! You have worked so hard and it’s SO exciting to see you doing so well!!! :). Congratulations, Girl!

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