Time can slow down whenever it feels like it – HOW in the world is it August?! Especially with baby boy on the way, I feel like it’s crunch time trying to get as much done as possible before his arrival. With that said, I plan to fully enjoy August (and September) before diving into all of the Fall things! Summer is just too sweet to rush through. I did have a handful of favorites this past month and I’ve been looking forward to sharing them all here. Keep reading to check out my July faves! ◡̈

Gold Hoops. I’ve been wanting a pair of small gold hoops for a couple of years now. It’s one of those things I always thought about, but never pull the trigger on. I have a couple pairs from Amazon that I LOVE but they’ve basically turned silver at this point. I went to the New Canaan side walk sales a couple of weeks ago (they’re the BEST) and popped into Pennyweights to check out their selection. I remember almost buying a pair last year and I regretted not doing so. This year, I wasn’t missing my opportunity! I snagged these beautiful 14K, everyday hoops (on amazing sale) and haven’t taken them out of my ears since. I love that I can wear them 24/7 without them tarnishing or irritating my ears. Plus they go with absolutely everything!

Hatch Belly Oil. One of my sweet girlfriends sent me this luxurious belly oil a while ago after I told her I was pregnant. I’ve been using it since day one and not only does it work incredibly, it’s the most beautiful bottle that looks gorgeous on my desk! One of my favorite things about it is that a main ingredient is Sweet Almond oil. ◡̈

Maybelline Lifter Gloss (Gummy Bear). This was sent to me a couple of months ago and in recent years I haven’t been much of a gloss girl, but I love everything about this product. The consistency, the smell, the color – it’s been something I’ve been reaching for lately. Maybe gloss is a Summertime thing?

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Skin Tint. This is a newer favorite, but WOW I’m into it! I love any product with vitamin C and the coverage and wear from this tint is just my speed. It’s not too heavy, it’s not too thick, it’s really just right. Shade 220 is a good match for me – you can see it in action in my recent YouTube video!

Pixi Vitamin C Capsules. More vitamin C to love! These capsules are great because you’re not over or underusing any product. I try to use one a day on bare skin – either morning or night – and love the consistency, how my skin looks and feels, and the results I’ve experienced. Pregnancy has been agreeing with my skin and I’m very grateful for that – but these have been helping to address some previous skin concerns (blemish scarss, dark spots, melasma, etc). Pixi is one of those brands that really surprises me. Often I’m inclined to brush off their products, but I repeatedly find myself falling in love with them! Between last months tinted balm and this months capsules, I’m officially a fan. Do not sleep on this brand!

Cherries. Random, but I have to include this! I love fruit and I’ve been craving it more than usual since becoming pregnant. I’ve gone through an orange, strawberry, and watermelon phase, but cherries have been having their moment (nectarines being a close second)! They’ve been in season and are so juicy lately! I’ve been having them 24/7 and adding them as a side to all of my meals and snacks.

Bumpsuit. When Dan took me shopping for my birthday back in June, we came across a ton of jumpsuits in Aritzia. I had really wanted to get one after seeing a ton of pregnant women style them in so many cute ways! There selection was amazing, I had a really helpful sales associate helping me to find and try a bunch of different options, and I settled on this one. It’s the coziest, most buttery, easiest thing to wear and I’m so happy I got it! It was a little pricey, but it’s on super sale right now!!

Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil with Eye Dropper! We launched our cuticle oil with an eye dropper in July and it’s not only a huge hit with our customers, but with me as well! I’ve always been #teambrush but I have to say, the dropper has stolen my heart! It’s so quick and easy to use, I think I’ve been converted!

Thayers Facial Mist. This was another gift from a girlfriend and omg I am SO loving it! I spritz my face before applying moisturizer, after foundation (before concealer)…or even to a face full of makeup as a refresh during the day! It’s been such a nice little treat, especially during our recent heat wave.

The Night She Disappeared, Lisa Jewell. Ok as of writing this, I still have a few chapters left but I’m including it anyways because I’ve been so enthralled with this book! I’ve been pretty busy and only able to read a chapter here or there during he day, but I’m almost done!! Hopefully I enjoy the ending, but as of now...it’s been such a good page turner.

That’s it for July! I’m enjoying putting these favorites posts together and am so glad I’ve kept up with them. It’s always nice to round up the things I loved during the month and often revisit the posts even years later! Is there anything you’ve been enjoying lately? Let me know below! XO

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