Let me introduce you to my personal stylist…

A few weeks ago, I posted about my major closet clean out. Since, I’ve been trying to avoid shopping and instead, have been finding NEW ways to wear the clothes and accessories that I already have. To get inspired, I’ve turned to none other than the black hole of the internet, Pinterest.

I don’t know if others utilize Pinterest this way [below], but I’m so mad I didn’t turn to it sooner!

Here’s how it goes: I choose an article of clothing that I have hanging in my closet – example: black maxi skirt. I make my way to the Pinterest search bar & type “black maxi skirt outfit ideas” and low & behold – 8 million different ways to wear a black maxi. Many of which would have never crossed my mind.

black maxi skirt

T-shirts, denim button downs, bandeaus, BELTS, jackets, scarves – SOMANYIDEAS! Not that I couldn’t have come up with these ideas on my own- but SEEING these pre-styled outfits & new color-combinations laid out in front of you allows you to envision yourself in them & help you realize what you COULD actually put together [right this second!] with items that you already own.

Okay, one more for fun…who doesn’t have a pair of colored skinny jeans?

yellow skinny jeans

Honestly, a baggy grey sweatshirt would NOT have been the first pairing that came to mind, but it’s SO cute & totally something I could put together at home!

Guys, feel free to laugh at me if this is something that’s completely un-original or not new to you – but honestly, it has become a refreshing new way for me to utilize the site & is currently my favorite thing to do! I’ve told friends & co-workers about my Pinterest-styling obsession & have turned a few over to the dark side.

Don’t waste your money buying new clothes because you feel like you have nothing to wear – I highly suggest you give this a try. I challenge you to pick an article of clothing that has potential and throw it into the search bar! …I think you’ll be surprised to find that you’ve got way more options than you think 🙂

How do you use Pinterest?  Have you used it to style clothes that you already own?


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