A few weeks ago, I posted about my major closet clean out. Since, I’ve been trying to avoid shopping and instead, have been finding NEW ways to wear the clothes and accessories that I already have. To get inspired, I’ve turned to none other than the black hole of the internet, Pinterest.

I don’t know if others utilize Pinterest this way [below], but I’m so mad I didn’t turn to it sooner!

Here’s how it goes: I choose an article of clothing that I have hanging in my closet – example: black maxi skirt. I make my way to the Pinterest search bar & type “black maxi skirt outfit ideas” and low & behold – 8 million different ways to wear a black maxi. Many of which would have never crossed my mind.

black maxi skirt

T-shirts, denim button downs, bandeaus, BELTS, jackets, scarves – SOMANYIDEAS! Not that I couldn’t have come up with these ideas on my own- but SEEING these pre-styled outfits & new color-combinations laid out in front of you allows you to envision yourself in them & help you realize what you COULD actually put together