I have the most pathetic hair. Luckily, I’m cool with it [I’m more of a nail girl]. Most days I throw it on top of my head & just rock with it. Other days I feel like putting in a little effort. I’ve been avoiding hot tools & hair products for about week now – I’m trying to go “no-poo” …but that’s a whole other blog post [you can Google it in the mean time]!

Anyways, this weekend I decided to do SOMETHING with my hair. I was going to be seeing people that I hadn’t in a while…in public, and didn’t feel like looking like a total frump. In an effort to follow as many “no-poo” rules as possible, I decided to keep it simple. Using only a heat protectant spray on the ends of my hair & my secret ceramic weapon of a hot tool [keep reading], I was able to bring my limp & lame locks to life!

I’ve used this tool quite a few times before … & every-single, no seriously, literally, every-single-time I get SO many compliments on my hair. After receiving so much love in person & on social media this weekend, I decided I needed to share!

Insert secret weapon…

Revlon Perfect Heat 3 Barrel Deep Waver Styling Curling Iron
Revlon Perfect Heat 3 Barrel Deep Waver Styling Curling Iron – can be purchased at a Wal-mart near you 🙂


Photo on 2014-07-26 at 23.34
My cousin, who has thick & fabulous hair purchased this iron & it wasn’t for her. Being her younger, beauty-product-junkie of a cousin, she passed it off to me [thank you, Dawn]!
This is honestly the perfect tool for anyone who has thin & flat hair [like I do :(]. It creates a clean, beachy-wave style that lasts!

HOW-TO: …Apologies for my photobooth pics below – I didn’t have time to properly photograph. Hopefully they are still  helpful!

1) Clip up your hair & leave a small section out to clamp. The more sections you have, the better…more volume!


Photo on 2014-07-26 at 23.45 #2

2) Starting from the root of that piece of hair, clamp the tool on top of the hair [with the double barrel side UNDER the hair – you want the styler to create an “n” or a “c” curve, not a “u” curve.

Photo on 2014-07-26 at 23.45 #3

3) Hold in place for about 20 seconds, unclamp, move down the piece of hair & repeat as many times as necessary to reach the end. My hair length takes about 3 clamps per piece.

Photo on 2014-07-26 at 23.45 #4

4) Take down a new section of hair & repeat until your entire head is done!


…and TA-DA! SO easy, no!?

I really was that happy haha
I really was that happy about it! haha

So much volume, so much curl! Such an easy way to completely transform lame hair! I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to give their thin & flat hair an all-natural looking boost!  🙂

Have you tried this styling tool before?

Any other tips for thin, flat hair? I’d love to hear them! 



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