I love to read – more so for entertainment than education – but regardless, there’s something about finishing a book that feels like a darn good accomplishment. I wish I did it more.

Labor Day weekend, my hometown library puts on a HUGE book fair that sells everything from books to DVDs to records to games to magazines – all in great condition, and all SUPER cheap [like $.50-$3 dollars cheap]. My Mom & I like to go together & scope it out. Lucky for me, I picked up a ton of great books from some of my favorite authors- for only $7!

book fair
Inside the book fair

I can’t wait to read them all! 🙂

While on the subject of books, I always find myself reading the most in the Summer months. This year especially, I was able to get a few great reads in.

One of which [although a little late to the game], I was SO glad I could get my hands on…

Gone girl

After hearing that the film would be coming out in October, I was dying to read Gone Girl! My Mom lent it to me and I couldn’t put it down. What a story. Really bizarre concept, super strange ending, interesting characters, and twist & turns for days!

I cannot wait for this movie – especially since there’s an alternate ending! See the trailer here:

Also – have you seen Amy Dunne’s Pinterest page?! It is the creepiest/strangest/coolest thing ever. I have a hunch that social profiles for fictional characters are about to be popping up all over the place! Check it out here.


Did you read Gone Girl? What did you think?

Do you plan to see the film? 

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