I had to break up with my nails yesterday. SO SAD.


I have been on my #OperationNailGrowth journey for almost an entire year. I’m shocked to say that I made it the whole time without any major breaks! I went through phases in the last year where I sported shorter nails, but it was by choice. I’m usually super careful, but every once in a while – I slip. Yesterday afternoon, while pulling out a new package of printer paper it all went down.

You suck.
You suck.

It just happened so fast! So many thoughts running through my head. How!? Why?! Did that really just happen!? If only it were a crack & I could salvage it! Can’t I just rewind!? I was so bummed. (This is so dramatic lol)

There comes a point where you just have to say to yourself  “it’s just a nail” and you move on.

Luckily, I’ve been here before & I’ve got a few coping mechanisms. 🙂


1) It’s okay to mourn. You had a connection with that nail! You spent so much time growing it, shaping it, hydrating it. (Literally just clicked with me that nail care & gardening are nearly identical hobbies. Makes me feel a little less crazy.)

I take a ton of pictures, figure which to Instagram and then let people weep with me.
I took a ton of pictures until I found the perfect one to Instagram — so that others (who understand) would weep with me. 😉
Because some people really DO understand!
Because some people really DO understand!


2) Ok. Enough crying. At this point, I have to cut all of my other nails off. The effort of putting on one fake nail is wasted on me. I know that under the polish is an impersonator & it doesn’t feel right. So, I have to get them all on the same playing field. Which in actuality is really a good thing! I can cut/file down my surely damaged tips and start growing 100% fresh & healthy nails again!

And don’t forget… they WILL grow back!

I crack myself up.
I crack myself up.


3) Get excited by looking at old pictures of your short nails! They weren’t *that* bad…

Hey! 2 months ago I was LONGING for these!
Hey, 2 months ago I was LONGING for these!


4) Start a “Short Nails” Pinterest board! Thank goodness for Pinspiration. Browse the beautiful short nails of others & realize that you too can now achieve these looks!

Be sure to include images from tip #3 here as well!
Be sure to include your own fabulous short nail manicures here as well!


5) Get a MANI! Time to hit the salon, or browse your polishes & pick out a fabulous new color to rock! Take this opportunity to let your nails breathe & skip the gel for a bit. 🙂

So many choices!
So many choices!


…Just remember, it’ll all be okay 🙂

In the meantime, follow some of my Nail Care tips & in 3-4 weeks, you’ll see some significant growth. There are worse things that could happen – embrace the baby nails for a bit!!

What are your tips for when you break a nail?




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  1. I really can feel that pain.
    And its mostly when we have a big event coming up when one of the nail cracks!
    I’ve been growing my nails since January for a wedding next month,lets see if they can survive 😀
    I love the mint nail polish!Looks divine! 🙂

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