In May, my boyfriend and I moved into a charming two bedroom home! One room obviously became our bedroom and the second, Dan so graciously allowed me to turn into my office! I’ve done the majority of my work from home the past few years and this was my first time having a dedicated space that I could make all my own. 🙂

I immediately picked up the biggest ticket items – a desk, chair, Ikea storage drawers, and …my infamous nail polish wall! I am a self-proclaimed mani-maniac and nail polish has always been a huge part of my life. This blog and my YouTube channel feature mostly nail-related content and over the years I’ve accumulated hundreds of bottles. When deciding how to decorate the room, I figured nail polish storage that doubled as decor would be a win-win!

I’m going to do a full office reveal/tour when it’s finally done (still in need of a few pieces) but in the meantime, I wanted to breakdown this cute corner for the mani-fam. 🙂

One Saturday afternoon, my Mom spent (more hours than we both anticipated) helping me get these shelves on the wall! The units are from Amazon and are so reasonable. While the price and quality are top-notch, the installation was a bit stressful. Since there were 12 shelves total, we wanted to make sure each one was level, secure, and equally spaced. We laid the shelves out on the floor to determine the ideal spacing, marked up up the wall, and then installed them row by row. Each self required anchor screws which are a *pain* to work with (thankfully this video helped a ton).

This standing unit I’ve had for many years. I’m not positive where it was originally from, but this is a nearly identical option! It’s currently being used to hold all of my Gelish mini bottles. The small drawers it sits upon are from Michaels and hold some other nail-related items (topcoats, cuticle oils, silk wraps, tips, files, clippers, etc.) my remaining nail polishes are in a large box in the closet.

I initially only ordered one set of six shelves and quickly realized I was going to need more. So I placed another order before we began installing. Upon arrival, the second set looked nearly identical, but there were some minor differences. The first set had more rounded corners, while the second were a little more square. The screw holes were also in slightly different places, which wasn’t the biggest deal since we caught it before we screwed anything into the wall — but just a note for anyone who may be interested in ordering this set!

The room was originally set up with the desk on the back wall with the nail polish to its left (two pictures up), but I’ve since decided I prefer the desk on the front wall near the window (above). I’m on the hunt for a small pull out couch to put in its place so the room can double as a guest room for out of town friends (let me know where you’ve had luck finding good sleeper sofas)!

Overall, I adore this room! It’s becoming everything I imagined it would be and I can’t wait until it’s finally complete. It’s been a hectic Summer settling in and balancing all of the fun weddings/events that the season usually brings, but I’m looking forward to Fall and getting my butt back into gear! There’s so much to film, share, and blog about and I can’t wait! 🙂

How do you store your nail polish?

3 comments on “DIY Nail Polish Wall!”

  1. I love your office, and I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! While I don’t have nearly the nail polish collection you do, I did realize today that I need more than just the little oversized makeup bag I keep them in now. I actually currently have my polishes in two separate bags, one for the current season’s colors and one for the off-season colors. The problem with that is that I’m constantly forgetting what I have in off-season colors and buying duplicates. lol! I’m on the hunt for new storage ideas. I love what you’ve done here!

    • Thank you so much! If you have room, the small tabletop shelves are a great buy! I used it on its own for a long time, it’s a nice way to display your favorite polishes and easy to move around. The office is slowly but surely coming together – I still need a few pieces. If you’re up for it, I may chat with you about a little artwork for the bare wall above my desk! I love what you do, it’s totally my style, I’m going to message you one of these days!! XOXO

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