It’s challenging for most people to find clothes that fit perfectly – myself included. Only in recent years have I figured out how to shop for the right pair of skinny jeans + discovered the value in getting yourself a great tailor!


Though there are a couple of designers whose pieces almost always fit my body [I’ll love you forever, Cynthia Rowley]…most don’t. Especially when it comes to jeans.

When shopping for new skinnies, I like to make sure of a few things:

  1. That they fit well in the waist. Avoid all muffin-top action! Just because you can squeeze into a pair of pants, does not mean that they actually fit. Don’t get down about this, going up a size or two can be more beneficial than you think. Ignore numbers, and pay attention to the way that your body wears clothes.

2. Watch for baggy areas. Skinny jeans shouldn’t do much sagging. There should be no excess slack + they should wear with a clean line from your thighs to your ankles. Pay attention to the fit around the crotch, under the tush, and by the knees. When you find the right pair, these areas will be snug, but still loose enough to move, sit, stand, + bend with ease. Luckily, most jeans are made with a bit of stretch built in – which is not only more comfortable, but allows for multiple wears without the pant loosing its shape.


3. Don’t trip! When it comes to length — I’m usually faced with an issue. At barely 5′ 1″, off-the-rack pants [unless petite] are almost always too long.

Exhibit A.
Exhibit A.

This is where the tailor comes in. 🙂

Once I find a pair that fits well in the aforementioned areas, I’ll mock hem them. To do this, I tuck the bottom of the jeans to get an idea of how they’ll look at a proper length.

Be sure to tuck them under, not fold them over.

When testing hemlines, think about the type of shoe you’ll most likely be wearing with these jeans. Do you think they’ll be worn primarily with heels or flats? When hemming boot cut jeans or slacks this is really important… with skinnies, the difference is not as significant. If you have trouble figuring this out on your own, the tailor can certainly help you out. 🙂

Once I determine the perfect length, I secure the fold with tape or safety pins + let the seamstresses work their magic!


For hem work, you shouldn’t have to spend too much…it’s probably the easiest fix! Do a little research on tailors in your area. I made the mistake of going somewhere that charged me $17 for hemming [unreal], when right around the corner was a smaller, family owned dry cleaner that offered the same quality work for only $6-$8.

Wearing a pair of recently hemmed pants last week!
Wearing a pair of recently hemmed pants last week!

Sometimes it’s worth investing a little extra money to customize your staple items. There’s nothing nicer than wearing clothes that have been designed to fit + flatter you perfectly! 🙂

Do you have trouble finding pants that fit just right too? 


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      • My issue is shoes. I can’t wear tight pants without the right shoes and as a mom chasing after two little kids I rarely get to wear heels which I love. Actually I don’t even own a pair any more lol. So you are going to come revamp my wardrobe and do a make over when? 😉 Can’t wait to say “I met her before she was famous”

        • Hahahaha! I hear you about heels, but you can wear skinnies with flats, boots, and sneakers too! I’d loveee to come help you vamp up your wardrobe. Baby steps + little changes will make all the difference. I’ve got you, #OperationFabMama!!! 🙂

  1. Super good advice! Sometimes it can be hard to not fixate on the size- but like you said, the fit and how you feel/look is 100% more important! I do have trouble with length sometimes, so find myself always wearing those jeans with boots so you can’t the bottom. I have to find a cheap tailor near me!

    • It’s so true! Like age, pants size ain’t nothin’ but a number! 🙂 And yes, a tailor really works wonders! I had found a crazy cheap one because I think they send their alterations out? But their prices recently went up. On average, I think hemming is probably $10-$12? Definitely worth it in my book! 🙂

  2. I have trouble finding skinny jeans that fit all the time!! Every size I try are too baggy so I just resorted to buying them from the kids section (a 20 year old wearing age 11 jeans) 😂 i know i know thats ridiculous of me. But at least they fit 😉😉

  3. I loved this post girly! I find that because I am short (5 foot!).. skinny jeans that fit well are hard to find (they always bunch up at the knees or are way too long!).. I try to purchase petite, or get them from Topshop. They may be pricier, but they offer the option to have different leg lengths, which is so great! Alternatively, you can just live in skirts and tights ;P
    I would love for you to have a read of my blog too hun.. and follow if you want!
    Saira xxx

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