This post offers a mix of fabulous ladies, fashion, food, and facials!

Over the weekend, I met up with some of the Style Collective Sisters in Connecticut to celebrate the launch of SC founder, Annie Spano’s, new Becoming Fearless podcast. 1) I feel like I’ve spent more time with SC girls in NYC than I have in CT, so it’s been a pleasure getting to know some of the local ladies! 2) I am obsessed with podcasts and listen to quite a few of them; when I learned that one of my favorite blog networks was going to be starting a podcast I was really looking forward to it!

Bartaco in West Hartford was very generous to host our luncheon and provided us with quite the spread. We were able to sample a ton of new menu items & some delicious cocktails! I wanted to share a few photos of our bites, and a little bit about an incredible new skincare line that was introduced to me that afternoon as well!

 Okay, first things first…the food! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Fresh Guacamole (always a favorite)
  • Vegetable Gazpacho (something I was not expecting to love, but I really did! )
  • Lettuce Tacos:
    • Cauliflower (really, really good. The sauce was out of this world)
    • Tuna (not my favorite, but I’m not much of a tuna girl…if you dig tuna, you will LOVE these)
    • Fried oyster (fact: you can fry anything and I’ll probably fall in love with it. These were incredible!)
  • Seasonal Caipirinha Cocktail (the citrus flavors were not too overpowering at all. This was a really light & refreshing drink that I’d definitely order again)
  • Oaxaca Spritz Cocktail (to be honest, this wasn’t my favorite. There were some bolder smokey flavors that were a bit too much for my palette, but some of the ladies really enjoyed it!)
  • May’s Secret Menu: Fried Soft Shell Crab Tacos (I promise you, these are just as tasty as they are pretty)
  • Churros …you can never, never go wrong with churros.

Alright onto the skincare! Sandra of The Rustic Life has created an incredible line of natural products called RL Apothecary. She chatted about each one and oh my goodness did everything look and smell incredible! So much research, detail, and passion went into ever bit of this line. Sandra sent us home with her rose clay mask, and having been a fan of a similar mask in the past, I could not wait to try it (watch it all go down in :51 seconds on Instagram!!)

Simply mix this clay powder with water, rose water, milk, essential oil…pretty much anything, watch it turn a beautiful shade of pink, apply it to your face, feel it working, and once it’s dry, remove it with a warm, damp wash cloth. Talk about fresh, clean, tight, revived skin! I love using all kinds of masks before bed and am looking froward to incorporating this one into my weekly regime. Take a peek at all of RL Apothecary’s vegan, natural, botanical based and eco-conscious products (which are now available for pre-order). I’m telling you, hop on this line ASAP – they’re going to be sold in stores everywhere before you know it!

Thank you so much to Bartaco of West Hartford, the Style Collective ladies (Nonee of Noneesworld, Diane of Style Context, Lauren of Roses & Rainboots, Amanda of 5 Feet of Fashion, Diana of Lady Diana’s Pearls, Sandra at The Rustic Life) and RL Apothecary for such a wonderful weekend!

Do you guys have a Bartaco in your city?

Have you ever tried a clay mask?


17 comments on “Bartaco Meet-Up + Rose Clay Mask Review”

    • You are definitely the mask queen! 🙂 I used to have a volcanic clay mask that you mixed with rose water and I loved it! I honestly don’t know what happened to it (maybe I used it up!?), but I was really excited to try this one! I loved it, but I would be curious to know what you think!! XOXO

  1. Everything looks so delicious! Not sure if there’s one in Boston….don’t think so!! Yes, I have been using one clay mask from Estée Lauder “NightWear Plus”, love it. Perfect for my sensitive skin! Great post sweetie! Xo Ines

    • I don’t think they’re in MA yet, but it is the yummiest little spot! It’s been a favorite of mine for a few years (totally worth the drive to CT if you’re ever up for a little weekend roadtrip)! Aren’t clay masks the best?! I am really excited to have been able to try this one – the entire RL Apothecary line is just incredible! XOXO

    • I really don’t listen to the radio anymore – Podcasts are the best! There’s honestly something for everyone — I’ve wanted to do a roundup of some of my faves, I may have to get on that!! 🙂

  2. Your lunch sounds amazing! I love your photos. Are you taking them on your phone, or are you lugging around a camera? Nope, I can honestly say that I have never tried a clay mask, but I might just need to. 🙂

    • Thanks Angie!! I snapped these all with my lens camera. We were at a table in the corner with our big cameras shooting every little thing that came out of the kitchen – the other diners were a little confused LOL. It’s always less awake when you’re not alone though! And clay masks are amazing, I’m so excited about this one! 🙂

    • Yay!!!! I’m so happy – I think you will love it! Sandra is so wonderful, you can tell she KNOWS her stuff and put her heart and soul into this line! You’re going to have to let me know how you like it!! XOXO

    • Aww, pre-K graduation already?! I love seeing your little snaps of him, he’s the cutest! Food is always bomb here & the mask is changing my lifeeee! SO good! XO

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