I think it’s fun to take some of the latest trends for a spin! It’s a good way to broaden our style-horizons and wear things we may have otherwise never worn. Today I want to share one of the trends I’ve seen quite a bit of lately …the track pant!

I recently linked up with Abercrombie + Fitch; they were a major sponsor of the Made in America music festival + sent me some awesome pieces from their new logo + track collection to wear while there! I have a few shots I’ll be sharing in a “Life Lately” post soon, but since I wasn’t able to wear everything or bring my nice camera to the festival, I wanted to shoot some of the items for my blog!

These high rise, wide legged, burgundy track pants feature a light pink stripe down the leg + are comfy as can be. They reminded me of my 6th grade style, I used to have a similar pair from Abercrombie, but in yellow (I’ve got to dig up some old pictures)! I paired them with one of their black Slim Tube Tops for an unconventional, yet sporty look. Let’s be real, we all know this girl isn’t the sportiest of the bunch (though I am taking my first kickboxing class this week LOL)!

My go-to denim jacket from LOFT, white Nike Huaraches (most comfortable sneaker ever) , and mini backpack from Primark completed the outfit! I love mixing + matching my Summer/Fall pieces as the weather begins to change, it helps ease into the new season. 🙂

Do you have any track-inspired clothing? Where do you like to shop for it?


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    • Aw!! I missed you too! I’m getting back into the swing of things, so you’ll be seeing a lot more from me in the coming months! And no Lily Chi for this one…though now that you say that, she would have been a good accessory in this post! 🙂 XOXO

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