Face masks are one of the best ways to pamper yourself at home. Most leave your skin feeling clean + refreshed, but after trying dozens… you quickly realize which ones are the real deal! I wanted to share 3 that have really made such a difference in my skin!

I’ll start with the best of the best, I’ve featured it in a favorites post before, but it’s getting some more attention today…

The Glam Glow YOUTHMUD — It 100% lives up to its name, your skin will look more youthful after one use. The formula provides a gentle resurfacing exfoliation that tingles upon application, but quickly subsides leaving skin smoother, brighter, softer, and tighter after 10 minutes. The first time I tried it, I was blown away by how dramatically different my skin looked. It is a bit pricier so I consider it a “special events” mask… I opt to only use it before weddings, parties, or events. But girlfriend may splurge + stock up because I need this in my life on a weekly basis.

If you’re looking to immediately revive your skin at home, I highly recommend you check it out. (TIP: If you didn’t know, you can request a sample of most products at Sephora! It’s a great way to try before your buy.) 🙂

Second up…

The skinfix Calm + Repair Sleeping Mask — This is a really unique product that I didn’t anticipate loving as much as I do. It’s meant for people who are prone to redness, blotchiness, or rosacea, but serves as a great hydrating treatment for anyone. You apply a generous layer of this creamy gel mask before bed and let the micro particle hyaluronic acid and ceramides penetrate + hydrate the skin. It is so easy to use + I love that you don’t have to wait to wash it off. You can simply hit your pillow and wake up to softer, smoother, more even looking skin.

Last but not least…

glo Skin Beauty Restorative Mask — I got this from Pure Skin Med Spa when I visited them back in June! It was highly recommended and I can see why. It’s is the ultimate remedy for dry, dehydrated skin. It’s antioxidant-rich, conditioning ingredients help restore skin’s strength and elasticity, creating incredible softness while improving the appearance of overall skin health. It smells like straight up blackberries + can be used in two ways; wear it for 10 minutes before removing with a soft damp, cloth…or wear it to bed + allow it to absorb for added hydration (similarly to the skinfix). When I wear it, I’ll do so in place of my moisturizer at night. 🙂

Face masks are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine + I am constantly trying new ones (like this one I tested last night), but these 3 have been tried + true… especially the first 2, they’ve been in rotation for a while!

Let me know if you’ve used any of the above products or if there’s a mask you suggest I check out! 🙂


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