This was *the* weirdest week and going into it, I knew that it would be. The mid-week holiday paired with the hot and stormy weather left me in a bit of a fashion funk. I did my best to try and power through and I’m still loving the accountability this series gives me because without snapping an OOTD, I know there would be little to no effort.

Monday 7/3/23: Off to the office to get some work done before the 4th! Not sure what I was thinking wearing jeans when I got dressed in the morning, it ended up hitting 88* by 3pm. Forgot I had these sandals so I figured I’d give my nudes a break and get these into rotation!

Similar Top // Express BF Jeans  //  Similar Slides 

Tuesday 7/4/23: Hope everyone had a great 4th! I didn’t snap a pic because we literally spent most of the day at home deep cleaning & moving furniture around. The weather was SO on and off, sunshine, downpour, repeat. We took a quick break later in the afternoon to sit by the pool for a little but then it started raining and we were back to organizing. We grilled a really yummy dinner and then wrapped up the night having ice cream and watching the last two episodes of Ted Lasso – LOVE that show. So sad it’s over. 🙁

Wednesday 7/5/23: My Wednesday became my Tuesday this week. Woke up early, showered, got ready, threw in the laundry, and then got to work on Thursdays blog (5 Tips for Building a Working Wardrobe). Took a walk in the afternoon, spent the afternoon at the library, went grocery shopping and made some burgers for dinner! I’m trying to be better about updating on IG stories with some BTS content throughout the day – if you’re into that, you can find me @_amandabella!

Romper // Similar Chambray Shirt // Similar Sneakers 

Thursday 7/6/23: The temps are HIGH this week, we’ve been hitting 90 almost every day. I was heading into the office and wanted something super easy so this isn’t the cutest of outfits, but I cannot recommend investing in pair of sweat shorts enough! They are the absolute best!

Similar Bodysuit // Similar Shorts // Similar Slides 

Friday 7/7/23: Went to the track in the morning, grocery shopped, got ready & filmed Saturdays #OperationNailGrowth Update and a try on! Made a couple of apps for a picnic tomorrow, ran some errands, then hung out the rest of the night. This dress was super easy to wear – kind of reminds me of a swim cover up though! Happy Friday!

Dress // Similar Sandals // Similar Large Hoops

Saturday 7/8/23: This was a really busy (and hot) Saturday! We spent most of the day at the Nutmeg Games where Dan competed with some of his college track team mates. They won bronze in the 4×1 relay! It was so fun to watch him run, even if it was nearly 90 degrees! Later on in the day we went to my parents for a picnic! We were able to cool off in the pool and spend some time with family we hadn’t seen in a long while. It was a long, but great day! PS: this is one of 3 REALLY cute dresses I recently got. I have a try on going up on my channel soon. ◡̈

Dress // Similar Sneakers  // Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Sunday 7/9/23: Yikes, two missing outfits this week. I had high hopes of getting ready at some point, but I didn’t end up showering until 6:30pm and spent the night in sweats and my Aquis Hair Towel. We didn’t get home until almost 1 AM so our Sunday was very chill! Relaxing, eating, napping, packing up Sweet Almond weekend orders …and finally getting to watch Flaming Hot which I had been eager to see. Overall it was a great weekend!

This week wasn’t a total wash, but there wasn’t much inspo here. Hoping I can step it back up this week! We have a lot of fun things coming up the rest of this month, our anniversary, a concert, and some other exciting things that I can’t wait to share!! XOXO

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