Last week felt so long but so short at the same time! I tried to keep making an effort with these OOTD’s, but I’ll admit that it’s getting harder. I did pull out my Fall/Winter clothes over the weekend so hopefully I’ll have a few more options moving forward!

Monday 10/9/23: I switched up my work schedule a bit this week, so I was able to work from home on Monday which was so clutch because I was completely wiped from the weekends activities and my baby shower on Sunday (which I recapped here!). Unfortunately, I also accidentally deleted my OOTD pic but I shared this one in stories which will have to do! I love this cozy cropped cardigan so much more than I thought I would.

Tank //  Leggings (similar) // Cropped Cardigan // Slippers

Tuesday 10/10/23: We had an early morning ultrasound and doctors appointment (baby boy is doing great!), I went to the office afterwards, and then my Mom came over later to help me unpack all of our shower gifts. We organized all of the clothes and diapers by size, brought some of the larger items to the basement, and put away as much as we could! She was such a huge help – I’m so happy to have my living room/dining room area clean again! Also, forgot to take an OOTD picture because we left so early, but I snapped some at work so I could post this sweater from Pinkblush…  my 25% off coupon code “BELLA” is still active sitewide through 10/26!

Tank  // Chunky Cardigan //  Leggings // Similar Sandals

Wednesday 10/11/23: I was so sleepy this morning and got a really late start! I was eventually up, showered, dressed, and fed by 1:30 and was able to have a really productive work day until 6 or so. I don’t know if I’m still recovering from the weekend or my third trimester is starting to kick my butt, but I’m definitely finding myself struggling a bit lately. So much work to do before baby gets here but I’m trying to keep it going!

Sweater // Similar Maternity Denim // Sneakers 

Thursday 10/12/23: Down to the office for the day and then had my Mom over to help finish organizing all of baby’s clothes! I got all of his newborn stuff ready to be washed and put away in the nursery and then we picked up a large plastic bin to pack up all of his 3-12+ month clothes so they’re ready to go when I need them. I’ve been having a hard time getting comfortable this week. Went back to leggings and a comfy pullover. Also wearing this maternity belt which makes a huge difference. This stomach is starting to get heavy!

Similar Camo Pullover // Leggings  //  Similar Jacket  // Sneakers

Friday 10/13/23: This week kicked my butt and I was glad to have Friday to play a little catch up! I finally unloaded my dishwasher after 3 days, went grocery shopping, finished and mailed out the thank you cards from my shower, and edited a couple of videos for brands that I needed to submit. I have to turn my closet over for Fall/Winter soon – my Summer clothes are still working, but it’s starting to get a bit chillier!

Similar Maxi  // Similar Cardigan // Sneakers 

Saturday 10/14/23: Been waiting for this day! My girlfriend Lauren and I went to see the Era’s movie! I so wanted to go to one of her concerts but it just wasn’t in the cards – so this was the next best thing. We made a day of it with a yummy lunch beforehand.We didn’t go all out, but I thought my cozy & colorful Pinkblush sweater was perfect for the occasion! Later in the day Dan and I met my sister and future bro in law at a hockey game so I threw on a hoodie, sneakers, and jean jacket for that!

Similar Maternity Tank // Leggings // Cardigan // Similar Sandals

Sunday 10/15/23: cozy clothes/PJ’s all day! Food, football, and a little work and tried to get myself ready for the week.

I have a few campaigns to post this week and we have a wedding on Friday! Looking forward to all of it! Wishing you all a great Monday! ◡̈

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