I am so sad that October is already coming to an end – I swear it began just yesterday! It’s by far the prettiest, most fabulous month of the year and I really wish it were longer. Luckily, there were a ton of new things to love that I’ll be bringing with me into November! Check them out…

Snakeskin Boots. I am OBSESSED with these boots! They were surprisingly purchased as part of a fun collaboration with Ocean State Job Lot. I never in a million years would think I’d find anything this fabulous there, but I was pleasantly surprised. The craziest part…they had a few other sequin, sparkly, and other fabulous patterns too. Oh…and the very best part – they were only $25! Seriously, don’t sleep on your local OSJL.

Cropped Sweater. I did a collaboration with GORGLITTER earlier this month that featured a few of their fun pieces and this little cropped sweater has quickly become a fave to throw on. Someone mentioned it’d be great for breast feeding and that made me love it even more! Such a unique design, but a really cute & comfy piece!

Baby Shower Dress. My Mom threw me the most beautiful baby shower the first weekend in October and I had a loose vision for what I wanted to wear; something baby blue and flowing. When I saw this dress, I knew it was the one! I absolutely loved the fit and the tiny polka dots. It screamed baby shower/baby boy to me and I felt so good in it. It was super comfortable and perfect for the occasion. It comes in a bunch of other colors, so if you’re looking for a good event dress, I’d highly recommend!

Gelish “Test The Waters”. When deciding what color to paint my nails for my baby shower, I was sure I wanted a light pink or something neutral. I broke down and swatched a couple of blues and was immediately sold on this polish! I ended up loving this mani and wearing it for a couple weeks in October! It’s available in gel and regular polish (and code BELLA always gets you a discount on BeyondPolish.com).

YSL Lash Clash Mascara. You know I LOVE me a good mascara and when YSL sent me this one in PR, I couldn’t wait to try it. There’s a whole demo and review on YouTube, but spoiler: it’s as fabulous as it seems. I’ve been using it a ton lately and will continue to do so in November too.

M.A.C. Candied Nectar Lip Scrub. My lips always get a little dry this time of year and this scrub could not have arrived at a more perfect time. For starters, it smells AMAZING! And not that I tried to eat it, but it doesn’t taste too terrible either….I think that’s important for lip products; it’s kind of inevitable that they’ll get into your mouth at some point. It’s quick and easy to use and leaves your lips super soft!

Bath Pillow. My husband surprised me with allllll the things I’d need to take some luxurious baths at home and boy, have I been enjoying them! As I enter the home stretch of this pregnancy, getting comfortable has been a little more challenging, but having a hot, cozy tub to soak in has been a dream! This pillow is the absolute best, it suctions right onto the tile and can be easily adjusted. A couple of weeks ago, I literally soaked for 2 hours. I just want to sit in the tub every night haha!

Gimme S’more Peanut Butter. Ok, this stuff is DANGEROUS. Wow, I cannot rave about it enough. American Dream sent it to me and I thought it’d be a healthy-ish alternative for my sweet cravings, I wasn’t expecting to have to keep myself from devouring the entire tub in one sitting! If the S’more flavor is this delish, I can only imagine how yummy the rest of them are. A MUST TRY! They did make me a coupon code to share: Amandabellaa10 if anyone wants to place an order! ◡̈

Shacket. I walked past this at one of the shops at The Big E in September and immediately fell in love. I was debating whether or not to get it and my husband pulled the trigger for me! So sweet of him, I truly love wearing it and know I’ll keep it for many years to come. The exact shacket is hard to come by, but I found a few similar ones like this one and this one online.

Gosh, I loved October. There were so many highs and great moments to celebrate. I’m low key freaking out that we’re just about on baby watch. I’m due early December, but I don’t think November is completely out of the question. Either way, it’s prep time! I’m trying to get all of baby boys things squared away, my hospital bag packed, and my mind/body ready to go. I’m trying not to freak out too much about the whole L&D thing, I’m just trusting that my body has got this – she hasn’t let me down yet. I’ll take any and all good vibes!

Happy November, everyone! Bring on the holidays!! 🙂


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