When it was time to create my baby registry, I had no idea where to begin. All I knew was that I wanted things that were going to make our life with a newborn easier! I asked my Mom friends to share their registry must-haves and put out a request for recommendations on Instagram. I did a little research, registered for the things that I thought would work well for us, and hoped for the best!

My son is now almost 4 months old and I’ve learned so much since his birth. Like most industries, the baby industry will have you convinced that you need everything under the sun to care for your child. You don’t. However, there are definitely a few products that we not only used a LOT, but made our lives significantly easier during his first two months of life and I wanted to share for anyone else who may be wondering where to start…

Dock-A-Tot. This is pretty self explanatory. It’s a place to dock your tot and it will be a Godsend! Cameron basically spent his first month of life on our coffee table comfortably resting in this thing.  When your baby is so small, you need a safe place to set them down within sight. We were able to easily move this lounger to any room, place it on a flat, sturdy surface, and lay Cameron down. He was really comfortable just hanging out or taking a nap in it. The Dock-A-Tots are a bit pricey and this one was handed down to us, but I would imagine most loungers are pretty comparable. He still fits in it now, but we don’t use it as much since we’ve moved on to bouncers, chairs, and play mats these days. However, for the amount of time he spent in it those first couple of months, a lounger is worth every penny!

Babybjorn Bouncer. While on the subject, the Babybjorn bouncer was recommended to us dozens of times! It’s a vertical, ergonomic baby bouncer that offers head and back support. I didn’t want to believe the hype that this $200 chair was that good, but alas…it was. It can be used for babies weighing 8lbs to 29lbs. Cameron was born at 6lbs 6oz. so he was pretty tiny for a bit. When he was about one month old we started putting him in this chair and he has loved it ever since! I heard about a dupe bouncer on Amazon that we also registered for but unfortunately, that one didn’t work as well for us (though it may be better now that he’s older). I’m not sure what magic they’ve sprinkled into this Bjorn, but it really has been a lifesaver! I’ll sit him in this while I’m cooking dinner, working in the office, or just hanging out in the living room.

Crib Mobile. I initially registered for this mobile as decoration. I thought it would be cute for a little boys room; I had no idea how much my son would absolutely adore it! This mobile spins and plays music and Cameron is completely fascinated by it. He still happily kicks his arms and legs and smiles when we turn it on for him! I’ve found it to be most useful when I need to take a shower. I’ll set him in his crib, hit play, and enjoy a long, warm shower knowing he’s in a safe place and totally occupied!

2-Way Zip Up Onesies. Zipper onesies are a must, but 2-way zipper onesies are elite! There’s no one brand that I prefer, its a pretty common design – just do yourself a favor and stock up! Our winter baby lived in them. Being able to unzip from the foot to sneak in a quick diaper change (especially in the middle of the night) was a lifesaver. Highly recommend!

Nanobebe Pacifier. When it came to pacifiers, I didn’t know if we’d use them so I just registered for ones with thousands of positive reviews (Phillips Avent Soothies). He did take those, but he was so small that they ended up being a little bit too big for his face. In my Babylist Baby Box, I received a sample pacifier from Nanobebe and he definitely seemed to favor it. Being able to offer him the pacifier when he was fussy gave us many hours of relief. He doesn’t care for it much these days, but it was a must-have for the first 3 months.

Doona (& Winter Cover). When my best friend found out I was pregnant, she immediately recommended the Doona. After I saw it in action and showed it to my husband, we were sold! It’s a car seat and stroller in one and it is hands down one of the very best baby things we have! Carrying a baby around all day is tough… who wants to carry a carseat when they go out too? I love how quickly the carseat locks into its base and how easily the wheels pop right out. There are dozens of accessories for the Doona and the winter cover really came in handy for us! If you’re looking for a carseat that will 100% make your life easier, this is it!

Touch Lamp. When thinking about my feeding station in our nursery, I wanted an easy, no-fuss, fully equipped space. I found this small lamp that turns on by simply touching its neck or base that I figured would be perfect for those sleepy 2-3AM feedings. It has 3 brightness levels and 2 USB plugs for convenient charging. It’s been a great addition to his room and served its purpose exactly how I hoped it would. I loved it so much, I ordered another one for our bedroom (and now I think we need one for our sunporch)!

Dekor Plus Diaper Pail. There are a few popular diaper pails out there, but I ended up registering for the Dekor Plus and have nothing but positive feedback. It’s not too big and so far, it has contained all odors (though our baby diapers aren’t too smelly yet). I LOVE it’s unique trash bag system. It’s basically one continuous bag that you cut & tie off as often as you need. So no changing bags. I love it so much that when browsing a friends registry for her upcoming shower, I saw it and had to order! It’s really effective, efficient, and a bit cheaper than the Diaper Genie and some of the other pails out there. It’s been a perfect & functional addition to our nursery.

Safety First Hairbrush. Our baby boy came out with a decent amount of hair …enough that would benefit from a good brushing! Again, I registered for this based on it’s popularity and am so happy with it. It’s incredibly gentle and helps not only comb, but style his tiny baby hairs as well. Everyone loves to use it, even my (almost) 3 year old niece has been able to brush his hair. ◡̈

Mini Hangers. Ok, baby sized hangers are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Cameron doesn’t have many proper clothes in his closet just yet (his next round of clothes are coming out any day now!), but I used these to hang his PJ’s and onesies. The hangers helped to free up some space in his drawers and made it easy to see what he had to wear each morning – since he was living in his onesies for a bit!

Burts Bees Baby Burp Cloths. Now a burp cloth is a burp cloth, I’m sure they all get the job done…but Burts Bees Baby makes some darn good ones. Their cloths are so thick and such amazing quality. They’re the perfect size and haven’t pilled or stained! I love all the cute patterns and colors; I leave one in every room in the house, both of our cars, and the diaper bag. It’s one of those things you’re likely going to register for and are probably at a loss for which to choose…pick these! ◡̈

Small Blanket. When looking for nursery decor, I fell in love with the pattern of this blanket. I thought it’d look great draped over the rocker… I had no idea that it would become our go-to blanket! I also didn’t realize that it was a small throw – perfect size for a baby! We ended up getting 2 of these and they’re great to take on the go, lay on the floor, pack when visiting family, etc. I’ve loved cuddling up with Cam under this cozy throw! It comes in a few other patterns as well.

Play mat. Once baby boy was looking for more stimulation, this play mat became one of his favorite places to hang. Like many first time parents, I wanted to try and pick out “aesthetic” baby items that I wouldn’t mind looking at. Lucky for me, Cameron is totally into this mat! He loves the small bear that rattles, is constantly reaching for the ring, and he loves to look at himself in the mirror. I’m so happy with this play mat not only for the engagement it offers, but the fact that we have another place to happily set baby down for longer periods of time!

Huckleberry App. I find most baby apps very overwhelming; there is a LOT of information out there and when it comes to babies, I’ve learned that I’m a less is more girl. However, there is one *free* app that I’ve found very useful; the Huckleberry app. I downloaded it once we brought Cameron home to track all of his changes/feedings, etc. Today, I only use it to track when he eats. There is a timer that allows you to clock how much time is spent on each breast while nursing (something I find really helpful because it can be tricky trying to remember when he last ate, for how long, etc). The app also has logging abilities for sleep, solids, potty, pumping, medicine, growth, temperature, and activity too. I’m sure one day I’ll utilize some of those categories, but for now, the feeding tracker is all I need! I’d definitely recommend. ◡̈

That is a wrap on my most-used and most-loved newborn items! There were far too many feeding-related items, so I made another list completely dedicated to that; everything from breast feeding, bottle feeding, and pumping to milk storage, milk travel, and beyond. I’m hoping to get a post featuring all of those up soon!

If you have any newborn must-haves to share, please leave them in the comments for anyone who may be looking! XOXO

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