One month into 2024 and WOW has life changed since my last post! Our son, Cameron Teddy Hopper was born on November 30th and for the last two months we’ve just been knee deep in the newborn phase! I can’t tell you how much I loved the timeline of my pregnancy. We had our baby the week after Thanksgiving and were able to spend the entire holiday season cozied up in our home, enjoying our newborn by the Christmas tree (seriously, we left the lights on 24/7)! Put all the crazy postpartum things aside…and it was magical.

Dan went back to work in January and since, Cam and I have been getting into our own routine. I’ve been so eager to get back to work creating content and have a million different ideas I’m hoping to explore this year. Will there be some Mom/baby content in the future…probably! But I definitely want to continue sharing things I always have, and I figured jumping back into it with a January favorites post was appropriate! So without further ado, let’s get to it…

Lulu Lemon Align Leggings. My clothes were definitely fitting differently (the ones that even fit!) after Cameron arrived and as my body slowly gets back to normal(ish) these have been my favorite leggings to wear. They’ve always been a fave, but on my postpartum body they wore so well (I don’t have a pic, but catch a peek of them featured in my last favorite of the post)! They are super soft and slimming (but not too tight), they’ve been my go to. I should probably grab another pair!

New mugs! I love a good mug and I got two new favorites for Christmas that have been getting a ton of use this month! The cutest Sweet Almond mug from my Mother in law and the sweetest Mama mug from my Mama. This style mug is my favorite – it’s just big enough and has a perfect handle!

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion Brush. Once in a while I come across a beauty tool that is really worth the hype and this Charlotte Tilbury Complexion Brush is one of them! This 2-in-1 blending brush is cruelty free and made with enhanced synthetic fibers! You can use it for conturing, blending, and softening harsh lines. I primarily use the large flat top for blending around the face but I love the smaller angled head for under eye use as well! It’s truly the softest brush and makes for a flawless application!

Gelish, A Hundred Present Yes. I LOVED this manicure in January. The color is from their Winter 2023 collection. I filmed a chatty mani with me using it; talking all things labor, delivery, and baby Cameron in case you’re interested! ◡̈

Touch Lamp. I put this on Camerons registry for his nursery (thank you to my cousin Peyton for gifting it!) and I loved it so much that I ordered another one for my nightstand! It’s really tiny and would work well in so many places – it has 3 brightness levels, two USB ports, and an outlet for easy charging. I want one in every room!

The Sopranos. For years I’ve been saying that I wanted to watch The Sopranos so when we got home from the hospital we decided that it would be our postpartum show! It’s funny because the show is having its 25 year anniversary and has been making a huge resurgence so there is Soprano chatter everywhere! If you’ve never seen it, I would highly recommend! It’s really not gory or graphic – just captivating storylines and relatable in many ways if you’re Italian. I have to say, it’s been such a great binge and we’re almost done with the final season. I’m definitely going to be bummed once it’s over. Currently taking new show suggestions! ◡̈

Free People Hot Shot Jumpsuit. My sister got me this jumpsuit for Christmas and let me tell you, it really is one of the comfiest things ever! It’s such an easy wear and can be styled so many different ways. It’s been great to throw on this Winter, but I’m looking forward to wearing it with tanks in the Spring & Summer!

Platform Clogs. Ohhh the UGG Tazz Platform clogs have been all the rage for two years now! They’re often sold out and pretty pricey so I ordered this dupe pair to try. I was expecting to like them but I didn’t know how much I would end up loving them! They are surprisingly comfy, easy to pop on, and pair well with a bunch of different outfits. Depending on the shoe, I wear between a 6 and 7. I opted for the 6.5 and find that they fit perfectly. Warning: if you’re clumsy, they may not be the best footwear choice for you.

I feel like for the first time in a long time, this month went by at a reasonable pace. They usually fly right on by, but I’ve been trying so hard to soak up every moment at home with my son that the days have felt really full. I was surprised by how many non-mom/baby favorites I was able to round up this month (I do plan to share some of those in another post though)! Looking forward to what February has in store!


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