Happy Blogmas Day 18!


We’re only one week away :)…

Quick post today!

So, yesterday, our management company sent over a guy to rip out & replace our bathroom ceiling [he came back for pt. 2 today]. It was an interesting scene at the Welly! I had him fix our front door too 😉


Since he was coming at 9am, I was able to work from home in the morning – I love my job for being flexible like that. Scene from my makeshift office…may have paid a bill or two in between.


On my way into the office I stopped for a quick lunch at the diner with my boyfriend. Omelets & french fries are in fact great at any time of day.IMG_8597

After work, I finally decided it was time to get to wrapping my pile of shopping bags…IMG_8600

FYI: I’ve been obsessed with butternut squash soup since October, and Panera’s is B.O.M.B…FotorCreated

Soup + Home Alone = great wrapping motivation. Overall it was a productive Wednesday!

I’m off to the mall (I think) after work tonight to HOPEFULLY snag my last few gifts …and then I’m doneeeee! 🙂

I hope everyone has a great night!



P.S. – I need a yummy dessert recipe for this weekend. If anyone has one to recommend, send it my way 🙂


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