This post was sponsored Wonderful Pistachios as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I’ve loved pistachios since I was young – not only are they healthy and delicious, but this holiday season, they’re the snack that gives back. When I heard what Wonderful Pistachios was up to…I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you!

The holidays can be crazy; gift shopping, wrapping, events/parties, cooking, baking, traveling, family visiting, the list goes on. Surely, keeping a few bags of pistachios on hand wouldn’t make it easier…or would it? I have 4 reasons why you should stock your cabinets with Wonderful Pistachios this year. And all for a good cause…

  • Go-to snack! Naturally, we want to enjoy all of the deliciousness that comes with holiday events, traditional family meals, and indulgent desserts, but for the time between… healthy eats are a must. And replacing your go-to bowl of chips or late night cookies with a bowl of pistachios is a great move. I’ll have a small bowl while working, reading, or watching a holiday movie! They require a little leg work to eat so the snacking experience lasts longer, and lets be real…who doesn’t want that!?
  • Stocking stuffers & gift baskets. Stockings are often stuffed with small trinkets, toiletries, and snacks. With Wonderful Pistachios variety of flavors and convenient packaging – nothing slips into a stocking easier! If you like to build gift baskets, add a bag alongside a bottle of wine, artisan meats/cheeses, pepper jelly or jam, a small cutting board, and a cute dish towel! Who doesn’t love a gift basket!? I think they’re one of my favorite things to receive.
  •  Use them in your recipes! Creating a charcuterie board? Add a heaping handful of pistachios. Making a winter salad? Toss in a few nuts for flavor and crunch. Baking? (of course you are it’s the HOLIDAYS!) Whip up something unique like this white chocolate bark. I made it a few years ago using Wonderful Pistachios and omg… SO GOOD.
  • Give back. If nothing else, have a bag handy to enjoy with your family or to put on the table for house guests and know that you’re contributing to a worthy cause. For every bag of Roasted & Salted and No Salt Wonderful Pistachios sold at Walmart between November 1 – December 24, 2019  $0.10 will be donated to Toys for Tots( up to $100k). I love doing something to help make Christmas special for children each year and this is such an easy way to do a little more.

For me, shopping at Walmart is a year round thing (did you catch this post? Hello great gift idea!), but during the holidays I always find myself making a few extra trips. They have all of your wrapping accessories, affordable seasonal décor, gift boxes, baking ingredients, etc. – everything you need and always at the best prices.

I love that Walmart and Wonderful Pistachios are teaming up to make the holidays a little brighter for children this year – and that they’re making it so easy for us to do so as well. This is something I’m so happy to share and get behind!

What are some of your favorite ways to give back during the holiday season?


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