Good Morning & Happy Blogmas Day 20!

It’s currently 4:30 am as I write this (on my phone…which is different).

Proof. I had to go back & change the time after I realized it was in fact 4:30! UGH.
Seriously. I had to go back & change the time after I realized it was in fact 4:30! UGH.

For some reason I cannot fall back asleep – so I figured might as well knock my Blogmas post out 🙂

Am I the only one who is in complete AWE that Christmas is five days away?! Each day just goes by faster & faster.

So, last night, my roommate & I wanted to do something kind of Christmassy/festive & different. Somehow we settled on pottery painting – not necessarily festive, but definitely different!

There’s a pottery place just down the street from us – so we grabbed a bottle of red wine & headed out for a crafty little Friday night!

Sleepy or red-wine infused eyes? Probably a combo of both…

Trying to decide what to paint is the hardest part. Of course, we both ended up painting mugs & agreed we should have Pinterested some ideas before heading out.

They came out really cute though – I’m excited to see them once they’re fired!

Afterwards, we grabbed some froyo next door & brought it home…

picstitch (3)

Watched my favorite Christmas movie (again) and we both went into a wine/froyo coma before even taking our coats off lol.


It was a lot of fun though, put a little wine in us & we’ll be cracking up all night. 🙂

I have so much to do tomorrow during the day & then my boyfriend is playing a show later on at night – hopefully I can get some sleep at some point…this wide awake in the middle of the night business is for the birdsssss.

I hope that everyone has a great Saturday!





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