One of my favorite holidays is this weekend + per usual, I’m partaking in all things pink, red, chocolate, heart shaped, and romantic! Today, I want to share this really beautiful soft + sultry Valentine’s Day makeup look that I created!

Bare Minerals Storybook romance

I’m no makeup artist, but like most girls, I love playing with all kinds of products + creating new looks! If you’re interested in this one here, keep on reading! 🙂

So a quick back story on how this look came to be. My Godfather is the absolute best…

He’s always laughing! 🙂

…Every year for Christmas he gives me the Bare Minerals exclusive holiday gift set!  When I opened their Storybook Romance kit this year, I knew I’d be playing with it for Valentine’s Day!

This set came with a shadow primer, 6 eye shadows, 4 blushes, 2 eyeliners, 1 mascara, and 2 lip glosses.

I didn’t use everything included, but tried to use as many of the products as I could! I applied my foundation, concealer, powders + bronzer beforehand, and then went on to finish the look with this set! Take a look…

Step 1: I applied the Prime Time primer to my lids. This primer is wonderful – I love the creamy consistency, the way it dries, how it wears, and how it holds.

Bare Minerals Primer

Step 2: I applied the lighter pink shade [“Honor”] to my lids.Bare Minerals Honor

Step 3: I used the deep purple [“Ambition”] in the crease of my lid, and just beneath the brow bone.Bare Minerals Ambition

Step 4: I used just a touch of the dark black shade [“Legacy”] in the corners of my lids!Bare Minerals Legacy

Step 5: I took the lightest powder [“Virtue”] and applied it to the brow bone and just beneath the eyebrow!Bare Minerals Virtue

Step 6: I chose to use the Round The Clock black liner on my eyes — smudging the bottom just a bit for a more sultry look.Bare Minerals Round the clock liner

Step 7: I applied their Lash Domination mascara to my top + bottom lashes…and of course nicked my nose. Try *not* to do that.Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara

Step 8: They provided four completely different shades of blush, but I went for “Enchanted”, a peachy pink + applied it to the apples of my cheeks. 🙂Bare Minerals Enchanted Blush

Step 9: Of the two lip colors, I thought that  “Go Getter” was more Valentine’s Day appropriate! 🙂 Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Go Getter

And with that, the look was complete!

before and after
Before + after


Bare Minerals Storybook Romance

Bare Minerals Storybook Romance 2

I’ve actually worn this look twice + both times received so many compliments! I don’t wear this much makeup on the daily, but for a special occasion or night out, it’s fun to do it up a little bit.

While I don’t use Bare Escentuals/BareMinerals products regularly, I am consistently impressed by them — especially their lip sticks + glosses.

This kit made such a wonderful gift — if you’re looking for a nice little present for the makeup lover in your life, this would be it. Order one here! 😉

Have you been experimenting with any Valentine’s Day looks? 

Do you use BareMinerals products? 


45 comments on “Soft + Sultry Valentine’s Day Makeup”

  1. Beautiful look, especially your lips look amazing! I am actually uploading my Valentine’s day makeup tutorial right now to my channel.

    That set seems pretty good.


  2. That is an awesome gift! I have a Bare Minerals eye shadow that I can’t live without. I always get mascara somewhere other than my eye lashes, it never fails. This look is perfect!

    • Such a fun gift, and thank you – I’m glad you like it! 🙂 Their products really are wonderful, I haven’t tried their face makeup in years, but the shadows, and lip products are amazing. Which shadow do you love?? There’s *nothing* worse than getting mascara all over your face…especially when the rest of your makeup is already done! Grr.

      • My favorite is Nude Beach. Emily Maynard said she wore it on The Bachelorette so naturally I had to have it (I’m obsessed with her). It’s sparklely, but subtle enough to wear every day. I haven’t tried their face stuff in forever either, but I think I need to wonder to the BM section more often.

    • Thank you, I really do love this look!! And yes, he is the best for many reasons. He’s not much of a shopper + I think the women at the BM store really helped him out when looking for a gift one year that he’s gone back every year since! haha They’re always so fun to receive. 🙂

  3. You’re so beautiful!!! <3 I love this look! I'm not usually a big fan of Bare Minerals products either, particularly because those loose shadows drive me crazy! You did such a good job though! And I'm working on a blog post right now for Friday where I'll tell you my secret for fixing mascara when it doesn't behave 😉

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