Does anyone have one lip product that they swear by & wear every single day? Because I’m dying to meet you! At the bottom of my purse, you’ll usually find a collection of lipsticks, balms, and glosses; I have a hard time committing to one product. Although just because I carry many options around, doesn’t mean that each is not equally loved. While cleaning my purse this week, I decided to round up a few of the lip products I’ve been addicted to this Spring!

To start, I want to introduce you to Treat Beauty because a few of their products are sprinkled throughout this post. This is not sponsored at all, this is just a fabulous small business that I’ve fallen in love with and am excited to share with you! 😉

So long story short, after complaining about my chapped lips on Instagram, someone recommended that I check out Treat Beauty and their incredible line of organic lip balms (thank you Marcella)! She had nothing but extraordinary things to say and I was immediately intrigued by their delicious scents and jumbo packaging. The company ended up reaching out and invited me to order a few to try. After much debate, I settled on: the fan favorite, Confetti Cake lip balm (so YUM), a couple of treatments, and a tinted balm as well.

 I am a huge fan of lip scrubs, and while I’ve tried many (and even made my own in the past), I have to say this Marshmallow Cream scrub is a game changer! It is so easy & convenient to use, it smells/tastes incredible, and it’s going to last you a long time. If you’re in the market, check it out. The second treatment is their Mint & Matcha Tea Eye & Lip Balm – this product quickly became a staple in my daily beauty routine. I apply it beneath my eyes in the morning and at night to cool, firm, smooth, and hydrate the area. It’s caffeinated and again, so easy to use. Multi-functional products are my jam!

Alright lets move onto some color! I’ve been very into tinted balms this season, it’s an easy way to spice up a makeup-less face, or give yourself a hint of color without committing to a heavy lip. Two products I’ve been loving are the Buxom Powerplump Lip Balm in the shade “Glowing”. I was initially thrilled to try a plumping product, but was disappointed by the lack of plump. 🙁 However, I wasn’t disappointed with it’s shade or wear! This particular color is a mix of orange/pink and is actually pretty buildable if you’re looking for a deeper shade.

The other one I’ve been enjoying is the Treat Beauty Cream Soda Tinted lip balm. It’s very similar in shade to the Buxom, but it does have a hint of shimmer to it as you can see in the swatch above. Both are really beautiful, easy to wear, and great for everyday!

 While on the subject of balms, I want to touch on this super luxe product. It’s the YSL Volupte Liquid Color Balm in the shade “Chase Me Nude” and is prettyyy fab. It’s definitely a splurge and not something I’d normally shell out the $$ for, but it was sent to me c/o Influenster and I happened to really like it. 🙂 This formula smells like fresh grapefruit and gives you the shiniest, juiciest looking lips! It wears well throughout the day, comes in the prettiest packaging I ever did see, and gives the perfect hint of shiny, sheer color.

 Last but not least, the old faithfuls …my go-to’s! The Milani lip liner in “Nude” is something I’ve worn and raved about for years. It’s a great bang for your buck, and I like to pair it with both of these lipsticks! The first is the Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Swag” – I’ve been a fan of this product and color since fall of last year and I can’t get enough. It smells like cocoa, applies incredibly smooth, lasts pretty well throughout the day, and is just the most beautiful shade of pink. The second is a Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade “Rossetto” (#14). It’s a bit more brown/nude, but I love the way that it wears with the Milani liner. It’s creamy and compliments many different makeup looks.

If you want to hear more about these products and see them all swatched, take a peek at the video above! 🙂

That is pretty much it my friends! I hope you enjoyed this post, and mayyybe found a couple of new lip products you may like to try! 😉 I want to try and get better about a posting schedule. You think it’d be easy, but I can never seem make one that works for me. I’d love to get two blog posts and two videos live per week. I kind of like the Monday/Thursday thing? If you’re a blogger or YouTuber, let me know what your posting schedule is and why it works well for you!

Thank you all for reading! I’m so excited that it’s almost Friday… I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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