Happy Sunday! 🙂

This week was the last of the moving…and the frumpy attire LOL.


It’s been a mix of looking like a bum + scrounging together some outfits for dinners with friends [+ celebrating my roomies engagement]!!

Please take a moment to admire this gorgeous ring of hers! I am so happy for my girl!!! :)
Please take a moment to admire this gorgeous ring of hers! I am so happy for my girl!!! 🙂

This week, I did things a little differently. Since my looks are really not worth breaking down, I just wanted share a few of the key pieces that I’ve found myself wearing [+ loving!] repeatedly over the past few days! 🙂

fave pieces

  1. My Nikes!

Nike Thea black

Nike Women’s Air Max Thea Running Sneakers from Finish Line • Nike • $89.99

I think I’m slowly becoming a chick who’s cool with sneakers! They were never, ever my thing. Like, I could not wear them if I wasn’t doing some sort of physical activity. BUT since I got my Nike Thea’s a couple of years ago, I’ve just fallen more + more in love with them. They’ve been so clutch during this move, but I think it may be time to hunt for a new pair! There are a couple new styles I have in mind. 😉

2. Go-to leggings!

charlotte russe leggings
Solid Stretch Cotton Leggings • Charlotte Russe • $5

Like most girls, I love, love, loveeee leggings! After trying out many different pairs, I’ve determined that Charlotte Russe makes the best! They’re tight, opaque, have a little control top action, and don’t stretch out. They pop up in most of my WIWTW posts, but I have been living in them this week! [Please note that I do own multiple pairs. I have not been wearing the same ones lol.]

3. My favorite wedges!

westbuitti wedges

[Similar] Women’s Westbuitti Dame-1 Cork Wedge Sandal • Westbuitti • $37.95

I have a pretty intense wedge collection – they are by far my favorite style shoe. They’re comfortable, they can be dressed up + down, and they go with so many different outfits! I stumbled across a pair of Arizona wedges on clearance last year [at JCPenny I think?] + fell in love! They have been my go-to shoe for any day/night activity that requires a little dressing up lately. I cannot find the exact style for sale online, but this Westbuitti pair is very similar!

And there you have it, a few of the items I’ve been loving! Not your usual WIWTW, but it has definitely been an unusual week! Looking forward to getting back into a routine + regular blogging schedule soon! Sometimes life just takes over, ya know!?

Onto the next chapter! I may have cried. A couple of times. :(
Buh-bye to my home for the last 6 years. I may have cried. A couple of times. 🙁 It’s been the most bittersweet week, but I am excited for the next chapter in life!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your weekend!


29 comments on “WIWTW: Week 27 | Literally Nothing Exciting”

  1. Ahhhh you dressed like the rest of us all week! 😉 I’ve moved so many times in the last 18 years that it is nothing to me any more, but 6 years in the same place?! WOW! Hope you enjoy your new home. 🙂

    • Hahaha aww! Yes, it was definitely a low key week – I swear, this series was a blessing because it forced me to put some effort into getting dressed every week! Otherwise, I’d probably be like this 24/7! And wow – I can’t imagine moving that much — it is exhausting!!! But yes, it was such a great 6 years, I think part of the reason we stayed so long was because we didn’t want to deal with a move LOL!

  2. I can totally relate to this! We moved into our house 8 months ago exactly and I still feel the pain and stress of packing/unpacking like it was yesterday! I can’t wait to see where you’re going and what the future holds for you. Wishing you all the best! xoxo <3 🙂

    • Thanks love! Moving is definitely a lot of work — we were coming out of a condo, I couldn’t imagine moving into a whole house! A bit sad + stressful, but but new beginnings are exciting! I’ll have updates to share soon! 🙂

  3. Even though it’s a given, need you to know how wonderful it makes me feel to get a shout out! Love you and so thankful for all of your support! XOXO

  4. Love the Nikes! I have been trying to wear a different outfit every day for 50 days to a) prove to myself I have loads of clothes and need to declutter and b) to cut down a bit on buying new clothes! I might start taking photos of the outfits, thanks for the inspiration ☺️

  5. Your blog is my go-to blog when I’m looking for outfit inspiration. If I’m going shopping, I make sure to stop by first and see if you’ve got any new posts up or if there’s any items from previous posts that I love and have to keep an eye out for. And several of your outfits have made my inspiration list on StyleBook! Thanks for all the inspiration! Love your style!

    • You are so sweet! This comment completely made my day!! I am so glad that you enjoy reading + are able to find some outfit inspo here!! I’m hoping to get many more fashion posts up in the near future. 🙂 I appreciate you reading more than you know! Have a wonderful night, girlie!! XOXO

  6. Dude it’s hard to look cute on frumpy days but you pulled it off nicely! I still don’t know what to do with myself on frumpy days or even to exercise class. ..and that’s where all the cute boys are. Noooooo! Lol.

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