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I love to see the things that people really enjoy using on a daily basis! I don’t regularly write these posts, but last week I realized that I have a handful of things [beauty products + misc. items] that I have been absolutely obsessed with this month + figured now would be a great time to share them. 🙂

FYI – I opted not to include any of the things that I already blogged about this month…like this eyeshadow palette, or these wedges, or these stunning nail polishes, or this amazing dry shampoo. Lucky for you, I’ve loved a LOT of things over the last 30 days…so there are plenty of others to share! 😉

Let’s get to it…

  1. Starbucks Tumbler Starbucks Tumbler2

My girlfriend got me this tumbler for Christmas a couple of years ago!  Lately, I’ve been carrying it around as if it were my child! I bring it with me everywhere + try refill at least 3 times a day! It seems to be the easiest way for me to stay hydrated. The sparkly straw helps too… 🙂

2. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SKI II SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (2.5 oz.) • SK-II • $99

Infuenster recently sent this to me! It’s a refreshing essence that moisturizes the skin and supports skin cell renewal.  You simply add a small amount of the water to to your hands + then pat it gently onto a clean face. I really enjoy using it before bed, it’s a great alternative to moisturizer at night. My skin loves to drink this stuff up, the only downside is that it’s quite pricey. Not sure that I’d go off + buy it on my own, but I’m still working my way through this bottle! We’ll see how many miracles have been worked when it’s all gone. 🙂

3. Revlon Coverstay Foundation

Revlon Coverstay

Revlon Colorstay for Combo/Oily Skin Makeup, Natural Tan 330 • Revlon • $10.39

I had been on the hunt for a new foundation for a while! I tried a couple of busts before reading the great reviews on the Revlon Colorstay line for combo/oily skin… so I decided to give it a try! It’s definitely full coverage + has a strong staying power that works incredibly with my skin. It reminds me of Maybelline’s FITMe [a former fave!] but I think I actually like this one better. 🙂

4. Maybelline Coverstick

Maybelline Coverstick

Maybelline Cover Stick Concealer, Medium Beige • Maybelline • $4.66

My go-to Revlon Photoready concealer recently ran out, so I figured I’d try something different! I grabbed a Maybelline Coverstick in the shade Medium Beige + am really impressed by how smoothly it applies + how well it covers. A really affordable concealer that I’d highly recommend! 🙂

5. NYX Ombre Lip Duo

NYX lip Duo 2

NYX Lipstick Duo • NYX • $11.99

You may have seen me Instagram this lip kit last week, but it *had* to reappear on this list! As a girl with super small lips, I’m always up to try any kind of plumping products. This duo doesn’t make your lips bigger, it just makes them look that way. On one end of the stick, there’s a darker shade to line, on the other is a lighter color to fill. The combo creates a gorgeous matte, ombre effect! It works SO well + has pretty decent staying power — although lots of eating/drinking will cause the middle to fade a bit [no big though, just quickly reapply the lighter color]! They had a bunch of different combos that I am itching to try! In the meantime, I’m super happy with Rags + Riches! 🙂

6. OGX Weightless Oil Mist

Weightless oil mist

OGX Weightless Oil Mist, Moisture + Vitamin B5 • OGX • $6.89

I got this product at Beautycon last year + why I’ve waited so long to use it, I have no idea! I like to use an oil or serum after I style my hair, but most products are way too heavy + leave me with a grease situation. This mist however…SO lightweight! I spritz it onto the ends of my hair to add a little shine + take care of any dryness. It smells so delicious + has quickly become a favorite of mine.

7. Conair Wand

Conair Iron

Conair YOU Conair® You Curl Curling Wand – 0.5″- 1″ • $17.99

Fun fact: my curling iron basically caught fire a couple of months ago…while I was curling my hair. Needless to say, I tossed the tool + replaced it with this Conair 1″ –  .5″ barrel wand. This style iron creates curls that’ll hold for days! They come out very Shirley Temple-esque, but I just brush them out  to create a softer, fuller look. I’m loving this tool lately + have been curling my hair more often! 🙂

8. Slimflex Chrome iPhone Covers

Slim Flex Chrome coverThese are not available online, but find them at a Five Below near you! 

 I love to buy my iphone cases at Five Below. They have such a great selection + they’re so reasonable priced. I prefer cases that cover all edges of my phone + are rubber-based…no plastic! I came across this gold chrome cover last month + loved it so much that I went back to get a backup…and the silver version!

April Favorites 1 And that’s itttt! Those were just a few of the products/items I really loved in April + plan to continue using in the months to come!  🙂

Have you tried any of the above?

What were you loving in April? 


22 comments on “Monthly Faves!”

  1. You should be a photographer and a model. You’re like a one woman show! My arms are short so all my selfies look like I’m in a fish bowl or I have pirate eye. *Spends time trying to convince people more attractive in real life. Hahahahaha! Anyways – I totally want to try the SK-II and one day I will!

    • HAHA! If only you knew how many pictures it takes to get ONE! I think we all struggle with the selfie life. 😉 And yes! I’ve definitely been enjoying the SK-II. I’m so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to try it, and I’m certainly enjoying the stuff — but it’s soo expensive! It’s essentially water. LOL Idk. My skin has been pretty good lately, but I do want to try it out a little longer 🙂

  2. Nyx makes amazing lip products and that one looks great on you! 🙂 That oil mist definitely has my attention, though! I always need something to add more shine to my hair, especially the ends but never know what to use because I’m too scared of looking like a grease ball. I’ll have to try this one out!

    • Thank you, love! I am on a NYX kick lately! 🙂 And yes – definitely give the mist a try, it’s so lightweight, but definitely gets the job done! My hair gets greasy like no other, so being able to use any kind of oil/serum is a miracle! haha

  3. I’m glad you like the Revlon Colorstay too! It’s my fav at the mo although my summer tanned shade is considerably lighter than yours! 😂 #palegirlproblems

    • Hahaha! Aww! It’s such a great foundation, I’ve been so happy with it! I usually pick a foundation that’s a little darker than my skin, I know that’s a no-no, but I like the extra color! 😉

  4. You may have already blogged about this before, so I’m sorry if I’m asking you a repeat question! 🙂 But what night cream do you usually use? I’m on the search for a new one…
    I haven’t used most of those products, but I have used the Maybelline Coverstick. I loved it too!!

    • I’m always mixing up my night time routing. Lately, I’ve just been using the SK-II after I wash/tone my face. But usually I’ll just apply Mario Badescu’s Buffering Lotion [which is more of a liquid] or Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream!

  5. I love Revlon Color Stay foundation. The Normal/Oily one is great for oily skin and they actually have a shade that is light enough for me. I have the same curling wand and I loved ti when my hair was longer.

    • I just turned my sister onto the foundation too :). And, yes – it’s such a good wand! It works just as well if not better than any other – and it’s soo cheap!

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