January seemed to drag it’s sweet feet, but February has come and (almost) gone so quickly! I can’t believe it’s time for my one month #GlowUp update. 

This whole #GlowUp was inspired by Olay and two of the new products that I introduced to my shower routine last month. The Olay Cleansing Infusion Hydrating Facial Cleanser and the Crushed Ginger Hydrating Glow body wash! I’ve been using both regularly, but I have to give some serious love to the body wash!

I cannot get enough of this stuff. It smells so ridiculously good and I love how it gently exfoliates my skin. I may be a bit too liberal with it because the bottle is nearly half empty! It really has elevated my morning routine in the easiest of ways. My skin looks & feels so much softer and totally passes the tilt test – the moment I step into sun, you can really see the natural glow and sheen. (Excuse my hair tie marks LOL)

I just wish it were warmer out so I could expose some more limbs and realllllly show it off! 😉 Since I’m almost out, I picked up another Crushed Ginger Hydrating Glow body wash over the weekend at Walmart. You can grab these products there too. Shop them here. 🙂

In addition to the new products, I set 5 manageable, daily goals for myself that I really wanted to try and achieve in February. Let’s recap!

DRINK MORE WATER. I’ll admit I haven’t been perfect with this, but I have been much better than I was! My Starbucks tumbler comes with my everywhere and while I shoot to refill it 3X per day, somedays I drink more and somedays I drink less. But overall, I’ve been getting that H2O IN!

READ MORE SCROLL LESS. I’ve been averaging 20 minutes most days, and have been opting for my book vs. Netflix more often than not! I’m almost done with my current read, it’s an older Jodi Picoult novel I hadn’t read, The Plain Truth (it’s so good)! And I just picked up my next book club book Little Fires Everywhere which I started over the weekend. I LOVE it so far! Have you read either? Let me know how you liked them!

GET MORE SLEEP. Ehhhhh. There has been a lot on my plate this month. I’ve had a lot of deadlines (aka late nights working), a sleepless chihuahua, and an overactive brain…soo there have been quite a few sleepless nights. However! I have been getting into bed a bit earlier (even if it is with my laptop) and the nights I do sleep, I’m out like a light. Definitely going to keep working on this one.

EAT (OR DRINK) YOUR VEGGIES. I was really good about my smoothies, but have been dragging my feet about getting to the grocery store … I need to restock my frozen fruits/veggies ASAP. I have been trying to make healthier choices with each meal. It’s crazy how much eating well contributes to your overall mood.

MOVE YOUR BODY. Well this is always a work in progress, but I’ve been conscious about remaining too sedentary and getting some kind of movement into my days. I even took a new workout class last week (the first one in FOREVER) which has inspired me to register for another! Baby steps. 🙂

Overall, there was progress! I certainly wasn’t perfect, nor was I killing it everyday, but hey! You’ve got to start somewhere. It feels good to take care of your mind and body, it’s so important and something we should all make a priority. Huge thanks to Olay for sponsoring this post and encouraging women to #GlowUp! We all could use a little push sometimes.


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    • Thanks Melina! Good for you, sounds like you had a great month too! 🙂 Self tanner definitely works wonders for the mood! Which one do you like? I’m always up for trying new tanning products 🙂

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