For most, getting into shape + trying to live a healthier lifestyle is usually top of mind at the beginning of the year. For me it’s constantly on the brain, but I want it to become a priority in 2018. For a few reasons…

For those in my age bracket, you know what’s been going on! Our bodies + our brains are starting to change; they’re aren’t looking or operating the same as they used to. I’m on the brink of 30 + truly believe that this is prime time. The second phase of life is about to begin + I want to enter it with the healthiest intentions. This means taking care of my body from the inside out!

This post is was inspired by Olay + their breakthrough line of Cleansing Infusion products designed to help you #GlowUp by drawing out impurities + drawing in hydration for naturally glowing skin! I’ve noticed that my skin is looking and feeling a little lack luster lately + I am so excited to begin using these products on a regular basis. If I’m going to be making some changes this year, I might as well start with one that promises quick results! 🙂 It’s only been a few days, but I can already tell that these babies are going to become regular staples in my shower. 

In the evening, my skincare routine is a bit more structured than it is in the daytime. Most mornings I like to keep things moving + usually just wash my face in the shower. I’ve begun using the Olay Cleansing Infusion Hydrating Facial Cleanser; it’s a creamy, lightweight formula that leaves your face feeling soft + refreshed! The Crushed Ginger Hydrating Glow body wash smells phenomenal not only in the shower, but the delicious scent lingers on your skin all day! It’s thick, creamy, and embellished with the teeniest microscrubbing beads for a gentle exfoliation. Soft + hydrated skin that smells great too? I am here for that!

I feel like I’m treating myself every morning + love how something as simple as switching up your shower products can make you feel more confident + ready for the day. I cannot wait see how my skin is going to look over time, I will update you guys on my #GlowUp progress next month! If you’re interested in trying any of these out (I highly recommend you test the Crushed Ginger body wash – it’s amazing) you can pick them up at your local Walmart!

In addition to treating my skin this year, there are a few more small things that I plan to do on the daily in 2018 to help create a bigger + healthier lifestyle change…

DRINK MORE WATER. This is a no brainer, but for some reason, it’s difficult for me to be consistent. I have one trick that has always helped me drink my H2O + it’s no other than… a Starbucks tumbler! I fill it up with ice, cold water, a splash of lemon juice, and shoot to refill it at least 3X per day. Ideally once before lunch, once before dinner, and once before bed. It sounds silly, but it works!

READ MORE, SCROLL LESS. I’m addicted to my smartphone + it’s a horrid habit (name that movie)! 😉 My eyes + my brain need a break, so I’ve been putting my phone down at night + picking up a book instead. I love to read, but always complain that I don’t have enough time. Ohh the lies we tell ourselves. If I can spend 40 minutes in bed scrolling through Tasty videos…I can pick up a book. I’ve been trying to read for just 20 minutes + am digging the change!

GET MORE SLEEP. If I follow through with the previous change, this should be no issue. Reading before bed knocks me right out! I tend to stay up way too late, bedtime is usually between 12:30-2:00am. I want to try and get in bed by 10pm during the week this year + close my eyes by 11pm. That may still seem late to some, but it’d be a good starting point! Ideally, I’d eventually bump that up one hour. 🙂

EAT (OR) DRINK YOUR VEGGIES! I love making smoothies for breakfast. I was on a kick in the Summer, but kind of fell off. I picked back up again last week + am so glad I did. On a normal day, I know I don’t consume enough vegetables (or fruits) + this allows me to get a hearty dose of the necessary nutrients in an easy + tasty way! Are you guys into smoothies? I want to share some of my favorite recipes soon!

MOVE YOUR BODY. I’d love to commit to some kind of workout class or program this year, but until I find one that really suits me, I just want to make a conscious effort to move. My favorite kind of cardio has always been walking… but Winter in Connecticut makes that tricky! I try to pick up a few extra steps by parking my car further away from the store, strolling up + down the aisles a few extra times, or just moving more around the house. I pop into the mall often + use the opportunity to take a couple of laps (I just have to actively avoid Auntie Anne’s!!)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post + found it helpful! The easiest way to make a permanent change is by creating small + manageable ones! What are some small things you do on a daily basis to be little bit healthier? Seriously, I’d love to know!!

Thank you so much to Olay for collaborating with me + sponsoring this post! XO


4 comments on “#GlowUp Goals for 2018”

  1. I’ve been working on similar things! With water it helps me to start the day with some. So, I’l drink it while I’m getting ready for work. It seems easier to keep drinking it once I’ve started for some reason. I pack at least 3 pieces of fruit for the day. One is usually a smoothie and then grapes and oranges or a fruit cup or banana.That way I get my 3 servings of fruit in. I’m not so good with keeping veggies on hand, lol.

    I totally agree, small changes help create a lifestyle. 🙂

    • I love that you kick start your morning with water! I’ve been trying to have a large glass with my coffee too. And look at you packing the fruits!! It really is all about the tiny changes. If you have any yummy smoothie recipes please send them my way! 😉 XO

    • It is SO good! I love the crushed ginger – the smell lingers all day! I think it’s available elsewhere, but I always find the best deals at Walmart. 🙂 If you don’t live near one, you can definitely order it online! Thanks for reading, girlfriend! XO

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