Happy Monday! Is anyone else really looking forward to this Thanksgiving week? It marks the official kick off to the holiday season and just an all around happy time! The air is filled with joy, love, good vibes …and I for one, couldn’t be more excited about it.

There are so many things that I look forward to over the next few weeks and lately I’ve been feeling just so happy, content, grateful, and excited for life that I want to channel that energy into some old-school style blog posts! I’m talking casual blogging… that non-sponsored, non-collaborative, iPhone pics will do just fine, this random product is BOMB, here’s a quick little “life update/something fun I did” kind of content. So, I’m bringing it back in December!

…And in the form of BLOGMAS (maybe a little VLOGMAS too)! 😉 I’m not going to stress myself out with daily posts, but I think one BLOGMAS post per week until Christmas is a fair compromise. Each post will be a super casual compilation of images from recent events, new products, fun outings, favorite holiday movies, and of course…a weekly giveaway!

I’m super excited about it and am itching to get started! In addition to BLOGMAS, I obviously have a ton of other holiday-inspired posts swirling around my brain and I want your input! I want to include some out of the box things (for me). Someone requested a cook with me video which I think could be fun to shoot while holiday baking, maybe a fun holiday dress try-on session or some easy DIY gifts? Let me know what you want to see, I love hearing from you.

I’m not sure if you’re planning to do any kind of BLOGMAS, but I invite you to post weekly with me! Just a low key post sharing some snaps of the holiday things that you’re doing, watching, eating, etc. Leave me a comment if you plan to participate so I can add you to my reader. We can all get into the spirit together!



5 comments on “I’m Bringing BLOGMAS Back – Join Me!”

  1. I think BA would be iconic if it has Christmas decorations. We have some beautiful architecture here. But it’s like 90 degrees and we have no decorations hahahaha!

    • No decorations?! That’s so sad! 🙁 And YASS for Hallmark movies – there are so many new ones coming out this year, I cannot wait to binge. Hands down my favorite part of the season LOL! XOXO

    • Yay!!!! I’m so glad! It’s such a fun way to embrace the season, can’t wait to follow along with you guys! 🙂

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