Happy October! The most beautiful month of the year is here (at least in CT) and I’ve been trying to soak up every moment. A lot has been going on and I wanted to chit chat for a sec!

First things first… my YouTube channel hit 10,000 subscribers this Summer and I have been dying to put together a celebratory giveaway! My channel has become one of my favorite places to spend and devote my time and to watch it grow before my eyes is such an incredible feeling. I’m hosting a huge giveaway to say THANK YOU. Entry details are in the video below, I hope you check it out. 🙂


With that said, I wanted to open up about some changes that have been going on in my life and the directional shift I inevitably feel coming.

This blog has been such a special place for me over the last 7 (almost 8!) years. The site that it was in 2012 is very different than the site that it is today. The woman that I was is so different than the woman that I am today! I’m incredibly proud of this blog, the journey it’s taken me on, and opportunities & doors it has opened. It’s been one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. However, in recent years, I’ve lost a bit of my passion. I’ve seen and felt my energy drawn elsewhere. I spend a portion of each and every day thinking of new post ideas, how I can be more consistent here, new series I could start, new ways I could grow… how to simply show up. Yet each month, my number of published posts dwindles.

I will never quit my blog.

But for now, I want to take it off my plate. It’s this looming task that I keep pushing away and I think it’s time for me just stop. Stop thinking about it, stop worrying about it, and focus on the things that I truly want and need to focus on to continue moving forward. When I started this blog, what I really wanted to do was start a YouTube channel. It wasn’t until years later that I mustered up the courage to put myself on camera.

In that time, I’ve found a true love for creating videos and I feel like my channel is begging me for more. I want to put more of my energy there not just because it’s growing, but because it makes me so happy! I also have other projects and goals that I’ve talked about starting for years, but have yet to devote proper time to. It all clicked this week. I realized that I just needed to give myself permission. Permission to change things up a bit, to try something new, to take a different route, and test different waters.

I’m not pulling the plug on this site, but I’m not going to worry about showing up. When I feel compelled, when I have something to share, when I want to connect with you on a deeper level, I’ll be here. But in order to move forward, I have to let go a little bit. At least for now!

This feels like such a depressing post and it sounds much more dramatic than I intended it to – I just want to share where my head is at. I can’t wait to show up on these pages when I’m feeling truly inspired. I have a few posts that I have been itching to write and those will still be coming (I’m sure plenty will still be coming!) But trying to stay consistent and keep up with the blogging world has never been my strongest suit and that’s okay. I’ve given myself permission to take it off of my plate.

In life, I think that it’s really important to say no. We often bite off more than we can (or want to) chew and then find ourselves attached or scared to walk away because it has contributed to our identity and definition for so long. But it’s okay to step back and re-evaluate. If I’ve learned nothing else, life is full of changes! Things don’t always have to remain the same. Just because I’ve been blogging for 8 years, doesn’t mean I am ONLY a blogger. It’s something that has brought so much joy to my life…many times in moments when nothing else did. But it’s okay to experience new joy.

This blog is like an old and dear friend. Familiar and comfortable. There for you any day, any time, any place. Just like many of you have become for me – old & dear friends. I look forward to seeing what it becomes in the years ahead, I have a hunch it’s going to become even more special.

Have you ever changed direction in your life? Have you ever walked away from something you loved because you knew it was probably the best move for you at that time? I’d love to know. 🙂


7 comments on “Quitting my blog? YouTube Giveaway Details!”

  1. Thank you for sharing this Amanda! Instagram is my favorite outlet!! I feel like I’m not a good writer, so my blog tends to be the easiest to push away… Thank you for reminding me that that’s ok! Can’t wait to see what your YouTube Channel holds in store for all of us!!!

    • Thank you so much Rachel! I can relate to that, I’m not much of a writer either! Sometimes the thought of putting a blog post together is just too overwhelming and there’s no fun in that. The posts that flow right out of me are posts like this. When I’m just being honest about how I feel. I do feel like I’m abandoning something that I don’t want to, but at the same time I know I’ll be back! I think stepping away for a little bit will help me return in a more excited & inspired way! And removing the daily stress & thoughts about how to contribute to this platform already feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. I love YouTube so much and am so anxious to be able to devote some more energy to it. I appreciate your support so much!! 🙂 XOXO

  2. I feel that a lot of people forget or are to scared to let go of something that has been attached!! I’ve had to let go of a 10 year relationship because I knew it was time. I knew it was time way before that but I became comfortable and scared to leave, but like you said it is okay to let go. Thank you for inspiring me (us) in your blog!!! Let’s kick YouTube’s butt!!

    • YES to all of this!! It’s okay to leave people, jobs, or places when they don’t feel right. Maybe you’ll return or maybe you’ll design a new, more fulfilling life! Sometimes we just need to know that it’s OK to walk in a different direction. I’ve known I wasn’t giving this my all, and that’ not fair… to me or the poor blog lol! I like that this leave of absence isn’t permanent and I know I’ll still be posting when I *want* to. I hope to eventually return more regularly with a new verve and motivation! I’m looking forward to filtering my energies into other endeavors and can’t wait to see where it takes me! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and found the courage to let go of something that you knew wasn’t right for you too, it’s so hard but you owe that to yourself! You are your best advocate and no one is able to take the reins in your life but YOU. Thanks so much for reading, the support and the kind comment!! Made my day 🙂 XOXOX

  3. Last year I left my 8 year Director position at my job. I thought it was my forever job. But I realized I was being used, my kids never saw me, and I was burnt out. So I left. And now I work as fee for service and work is not always steady which means money isn’t always steady. But I would make the decision again. I feel like a completely different person. The amount of time I have at home for errands, my family, and myself is insane. Best decision and scariest decision I have ever made.

    • Oh my goodness, I had no idea. That’s a huge change, good for you! You’ve got to go with what feels right. I’m sure you feel such a weight lifted and your kids and family must be so grateful to have you around more! And who knows what the future holds, there will always be another job, but you’ll never get this time back. Finances or other circumstances may change, but we always find a way! I’m so glad you’re happy with where you’re at — that’s all that matters!! XOXO

  4. I love your blog Amanda it’s so inspiring, even thow I’m an old lady. Your blog makes me feel young again. I think your making a great decision. I am excited to see what you come up with next and really can’t wait !!! ❤️

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