Ahh, hi blog! I had the urge to hop on here because I want to share something that has been making my life so much better this week!

November has arrived and she brought day light savings, chillier temps, and our first flurries of the season. Fall through the holidays is just perfection – there’s something different in the air! Aaand one of those things, is germs.

I got sick this past week and after mentioning it on Instagram it seemed like SO many of you had gone down for the count too. I’ve been living on liquids, Netflix, blowing through tissue boxes (no pun intended), and of course, all the cozy things!

Insert the reason for this post – my sherpa!

After resting for 1.5 days, I thought I would try to resume life as normal and venture to work! I knew I wanted to wear nothing but the coziest outfit in my closet so I took out my sherpa pullover for the season and there’s no going back. I have been LIVING in it.

I’ve had so many inquires via FB and IG about this top so I figured I’d share the scoop here! I got this particular one from Shop Luxy at a small pop up event last year. Unfortunately I don’t think she has it in stock any longer, but I’ve seen a couple of nearly identical options (for a steal) that I want to share!

AMAZON $38. This one is almost exactly the same as mine – it even has the side pockets. If you’re not into grey, it’s available in 19 other colors/patterns! SHOP HERE!

WALMART $20. This sherpa is very similar as well! It does have pockets. Comes in 5 colors/patterns and looks just as cozy. SHOP HERE for women’s SHOP HERE for plus sizes!

WALMART $10. I had to throw this in because every time I pop into Walmart, I’m so tempted by this display. First, you cannot beat $10, second, this sherpa was calling my name! It’s is very different from mine – it’s not as thick, it’s a bit shorter, and has a sportier look with the drawstring bottom and front pocket, but it’s still just as cozy. Oddly enough, it makes me want to throw my hair up in a cute ponytail and go for a hike or run? I tried an XS (wayyy too small), but would have preferred a small or medium if they had it. 10 other colors/sizes available online: SHOP HERE for juniors SHOP HERE for plus sizes!

A sherpa is a must-have have this time of year. If you haven’t gotten one for yourself yet, I’d highly recommend! Or if you’re shopping for a friend/family member who loves to be cozy, there is honestly nothing more soft, or comfortable to snuggle up in!

If you’re looking for something a little different, here are a few other options/styles/price points to browse…

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I’m not 100% just yet, but happy to report that I’m feeling much better! Plus it was fun a fun excuse to hop on my blog again. In my last post, I mentioned that I only want to post when I feel compelled. When I have something I’m really excited to share. I’m hoping it’ll help me figure out the new direction of this blog. So I appreciate you reading, your support, and your patience. 🙂

If you’re not subscribed to my YouTube channel, be sure to stop by…a lot has been going on over there. 😉 Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I’ll see you guys soon!

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