My boyfriend and I flew to San Diego last week for a wedding and planned to stay a few extra days to enjoy the West Coast while we could! I hadn’t been to California in my adult life and soaked up every second! I wanted to share a few snaps from the trip…

We landed Friday evening and stayed with friends of Dans! In the morning we woke up and all headed to the wedding. On the way, we drove to a beautiful lookout point with the most insane view of the city.

The wedding was a bit inland and we stayed at Sycuan Casino which was stunning – and apparently brand new! We all grabbed a quick lunch before checking in, changing, and making our way to the wedding that evening.

The venue was one of the most gorgeous I’d ever seen! It was a private residence that had been used/converted into an event space. The home was recently sold and this wedding was actually the last one to be hosted there! We were in awe most of the night by how gorgeous everything was! The bride, Adriana, was absolutely stunning, and the table we were seated at was full of Dan’s former colleagues – it was a fun group!

PS: thanks for helping me choose my LBD – dress #2 won in a landslide!

The next day we floated around the lazy river at the Casino, caught kick off of the Giants game in a hotel bar (bc football is life) and then ventured to La Jolla – where stayed the remainder of our trip. It was Sunday, so we posted up at a small restaurant (Olive & Basil — SO GOOD) to A) watch more football, and B) grab lunch before checking in to our hotel. My girlfriend and her husband were on their honeymoon in Italy and had been brutally teasing those stateside with allllll the gelato! So when I saw Bobboi, the gelato shop next door we had to stop!

We stayed at La Jolla Cove Hotel. It was the perfect location and we picked it for unbeatable view! We spent the afternoon/evening wandering the city. 🙂

The next day we woke up, grabbed coffee and a quick bite at AT Coffee House before visiting Torrey Pines. There were so many trails and lookout points, all equally as breathtaking. Such a cool spot… minus the rattlesnake warnings!

Later in the day, we grabbed smoothies and made our way to Pacific Beach. This was my first time using a BIRD and omg I’m obsessed – I wanted to take them everywhere!

We went to happy hour at PB Shore Club. Then popped into Draft for MNF (because we cannot miss a MOMENT.) We had a view of the sunset from our seats but had to walk out to the beach as it met the horizon.

ok sun has set. back to football. AKA spicy margaritas, a pita platter, and trying to upload some IG stories for me.

Tuesday was our last full day, we went check out to the La Jolla cave which honestly was very cool despite my minor panic attack. I don’t do well in small spaces or with things over my head and we had to literally climb down into this cave through a small, completely enclosed stairwell. I freaked a bit, but I’m glad we did it! We went to Scripps beach afterwards and rode a couple BIRD’S around the area because BIRD LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE!

And we literally saved the best spots for last! We went to George’s At the Cove for happy hour. Enjoyed a couple yellowtail tacos, yummy drinks, and soaked up once again, a gorgeous view! Afterwards, we made our way down the street to Duke’s for dinner. Their filet was insaneeee. I’m still dreaming about it. Naturally, we had to get their massive Hula ice cream pie for dessert because everyone was ordering them, the waitress hyped it so much, and it sounded delicious. I regret nothing.

Wednesday morning we packed up, grabbed breakfast at Cove House, then made our way to the airport to head back home. 🙂

It was such a fun trip, I 100% understand why people move West and never want to come back. The weather, palm trees, food, views, vibe…it’s all so different and refreshing. But for now, there’s no place like home.

Have you ever been to San Diego?


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    • Ahh I’m sure it’s always been picture perfect! I’ve really never seen any place like it. Such a fun trip, but it’s always nice to come home! 🙂

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