Does anyone else thrive in a clean and organized space? Clutter and I do not get along. Unfortunately, clutter seems to be an inevitable constant in my life and I am on a continuous mission to get it under control! This past week, I embarked on a new cleaning journey and I wanted to invite you to join in…

Recently, one of my sweet IG friends (shout out to Emily D) shared the Hug Your Home Challenge! This 12 week challenge, created by last January, encourages participants to give their homes “a little love by decluttering, organizing, decorating and cleaning!” Each week, you’ll tackle a different area of your home in an effort to create a more zen, calm, and refreshed space.

When my friend Emily began this challenge last week, she realized that she would be completing the challenge the week of Thanksgiving. I loved the idea of getting my home in order before the holiday rush, so decided I to participate as well.

I thought it’d be fun to document my progress on the blog because to be honest, sharing things holds me accountable.

So, week one began in the bedroom and while my bedroom could use some attention, our bathroom needed it more. I despise cleaning the bathroom – specifically the tub. Scrubbing the tub is hands down my least favorite chore and unfortunately, our tub was due. Randomly, I had the urge to tackle it (those impulse moments are far and few between so I had to take advantage). To stay on track with the challenge, I simply swapped week one with week three and tackled my bathroom first.

After scrubbing the tub, snaking the drain (ugh – thank you fiance!!!), tossing old/empty products, cleaning the toilet, the sink, the floors/walls, rearranging the medicine cabinet, changing the shower curtain, washing the hand towels, and lighting a fall candle… we had the cleanest, coziest, most organized bathroom!

I truly feel so much better about the space. Honestly, it has significantly altered my mood this week and feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. Being able to open a cabinet without products falling out is way more exciting than I care to admit.

I’m really looking forward to week two – the kitchen – and continuing to hug our home! I encourage you to join in and whip your space into shape before the holidays. Of course we all keep our homes clean, but there’s usually some additional decluttering and organizing to be done …and it feels great to breakdown what feels like an overwhelming project into smaller pieces and watch it all come together! I’m not afraid to tweak the HYH schedule to fit my needs/what’s going on in my life and I think allowing that kind of flexibility makes for a successful challenge!

Huge thank you to Emily for motivating to play along. Let me know if you want to participate below!


3 comments on “…Hug Your Home Challenge?”

  1. Oh, my gosh! Yes, I’m joining in! I’m going to start in the master bathroom as well. The bedroom itself is pretty bare. The bathroom is another story. Every time I open the medicine cabinet my husband and I share, stuff falls out – his stuff. I’m an organization freak, and he’s pretty neat by normal standards, but as I said, I have a compulsion to be organized. He’s out of town this week. Hmm … good time to get started.

  2. Omg, your bathroom is beautiful. Such a cozy space already with the colors, and now even more so! I love the baskets under your cabinet! Thanks for the s/o, you are so sweet!! Love you friend, and happy home hugging! ☺️

  3. I’m in! I feel so much better when my house has little clutter.I have always said I would rather have a bed and chair in a room than a room full of stuff.

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