Happy Friday! Week two of this challenge almost didn’t happen, but like I mentioned last week, when I blog my progress (for any goal/challenge) it forces me to be accountable. And thank goodness for that because this week was a good one!

I was out of town for a few days this week and when I came home Wednesday, I knew I had a busy Thursday and Friday ahead of me. I also knew I had to make a little time to tackle week two of the HYHC… which was – the kitchen. The kitchen is really overwhelming for me, but I decided to make it manageable and only take on what I was comfortable with. Something is better than nothing.

I began with the toaster oven, which if I’m going to be totally honest with you…I don’t think we’ve cleaned since we moved in. It wasn’t terrible, but the tray needed to be emptied and the entire unit needed a good scrub. This was probably the most satisfying task. That thing had been driving me nuts!

Next up, I tackled the refrigerator. It was pretty empty since we had been out of town and fairly clean since I had given it a good scrubbing after we lost power for a week in August – so this wasn’t as daunting as it normally would be. I emptied and wiped down each shelf and then put everything back in its place.

I reorganized a couple of the most cluttered cabinets and then wiped down all of the cabinet doors/drawers, the outside of the fridge, oven, and microwave. I swept/swiffered the floors, wiped down/vacuumed the floor mats, scrubbed all the counter tops, and washed all the dishes.

The kitchen looks and feels so much better and gives me more incentive to experiment with new recipes! Last night, I made a stuffed pepper casserole (REALLY yum!) and these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (very tasty, but came out a little cake-like. Maybe because I halved the recipe?) I have a huge list of dishes I’m dying to try and will try to share some of the wins with you here!

This challenge could not have crossed my path at a better time. I’m someone who often gets overwhelmed and lets things build up to the point that I don’t want to do anything. Focusing on one area of the house each week has allowed me to give 100% vs. the surface cleaning I normally do – and still feel really accomplished when I finish. I didn’t get a new decor item for the kitchen, but I’m on the hunt for a cute fall dish towel to hang on the oven door. 🙂

Have you been participating in the Hug Your Home Challenge? How are you doing with it?


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