Happy Monday! I didn’t mean for WIWTW to take a hiatus, but the past few weeks were busy with family vacations, house renovations, and all things in between. We were on the go a lot and I slipped up a bit with this series…but we’re back! When I revived it back in May, I knew I was pregnant and I wanted to use it as a way to hold me accountable and encourage me to look and feel my best. Now that I’m 28 weeks pregnant, it seems like the perfect time to keep up with my OOTD’s! So this past week, I hopped back into the swing of things and I think it was a good one! 🙂

Monday 9/11/23: We were away over the weekend so I switched up my schedule just a bit this week. Spent Monday morning filming some content and catching up on work before meeting my girlfriend for lunch in the afternoon! It was so nice to catch up…and it gave me another excuse to wear this cozy knit dress.

Crochet Dress // Similar Sandals

Tuesday 9/12/23: Went down to the office today! Finally got a chance to wear this Posh Divah Maternity bodysuit – it was so darn comfy. Truly feels like butter! I will definitely be wearing it for the remainder of my pregnancy and next Summer – you certainly don’t need a bump for it. I paired it with my Amoretu skirt (because it’s all that it really fit) but I loved the combo! Enough to share an OOTD on the gram. ◡̈ I’m so excited to wear it with some denim next year!

Bodysuit // Skirt // Similar Sandals

Wednesday 9/13/23: Work from home day! I had a lot of mani content to film and edit so we opted for comfort. My go-to bike shorts (which I’m so happy still fit), and this cozy GAP maternity T from my SIL which is super soft and lightweight! She gave me a huge box of maternity clothes that I just started tapping into. They’ve been saving me because I’m definitely starting to feel quite round.

 Top // Bike Shorts (in Meteorite) // Similar Sandals

Thursday 9/14/23: Woke up early for a doctors appointment. Went in for the infamous glucose test – I won’t get the results until next week, but here’s to not getting GB! Then went into the office for the rest of the day. Wearing the maternity shorts I recently picked up (and LOVE) as well as another maternity tank from my sister in law that came in clutch!!

Maternity Tank // Shorts // Button Down Shirt // Similar Sandals

Friday 9/15/23: Working from home all day! Filming some content and getting things done around the house (sealed the grout in our new shower!!). Went for comfy – it was actually pretty chilly! True September temps have arrived. I’m wearing another maternity tank from my SIL which is so darn comfy!

Tank // Sweatshirt (similar) // Leggings (similar)  // Slippers

Saturday 9/16/23: Such a productive Saturday! It was actually a perfect weather day in CT. Partly sunny and temps in the mid 60’s – I wish it would stay like this!! I woke up (officially 28 weeks pregnant) and baked a couple batches of zucchini muffins, did some Sweet Almond work, finally finished the last episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty, grabbed iced coffees and ran errands with my sister, came home to do a little cleaning/organizing and then made dinner! Felt good to tackle a few to-do list things.

Similar Tank // Leggings  //  Similar Chambray Shirt // Sneakers

Sunday 9/17/23: It was SUCH a gorgeous day! We went to visit Dans grandpa in NY and took a little tour of the town he was born! We came home in the afternoon, ordered Chinese food, and watched football for the rest of the day. The Giants game was such a joy to witness – they needed (and deserved!) that win! Did a little laundry/cleaning – it’s going to be a really busy week so tried to prep as best as possible. I really love this dress, I wish it were available online.

Dress -Primark // Similar Sandals // Bag

So happy that my WIWTW break is over. So many fun things coming up over the next month or so – this coming week I’m going to MakeupNY with Sweet Almond to source some new products! Later in the week, Dan and I are heading to The Big E (literally my favorite day of the year). All good stuff, just soaking up this perfect weather as much as we can! Hope everyone has a great Monday! XOXO

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