Happy September! I had so many random favorites this past month and I couldn’t wait to round them up here. There are a bunch of Summer/beach related items that have gotten a ton of use! Naturally, there are a few maternity items as well- but I saved them for the end. Enjoy!!

Ice roller. I was hesitant to add this because I’ve only had it for a few days, but in that time it has changed my life! Not to be dramatic. But wow am I in love with this thing. I’ve been using it first thing in the morning (and occasionally at night) and it feels incredible on the face! The benefits include relieving eye puffiness, anti-wrinkle, shrinks pores, tightens skin, reduces fatigue, migraine relief, minor injury relief, and more. My favorite part about it is that it will just wake you RIGHT up while leaving your face feeling tighter, refreshed and ready for the day. Cannot recommend this thing enough!

Gelish All American Beauty. My love for this color is something else. I have been in my neutral, basic, clean girl nail era and I want nothing on my nails but simple, classic colors…and Gelish’s All American Beauty is just that! It’s from the 2019 Forever Marilyn Collection and it’s getting harder to find online, but there are still a few bottles out there! It’s just the perfect milky pink that can be as sheer or as opaque as you wish. I think two coats is just perfect – I can’t stop snapping pics of it! I also filmed a DIY Gel Manicure video with it that you can watch here!

The Little Thoughts Inside. My talented friend Kenya wrote a children’s book a few years ago and it was just released in hard cover! The book was written to help kids understand their feelings and emotions without letting them take over. Children are experiencing all kinds of anxiety these days and I LOVE that this book is teaching them how to process, deal, and live with their thoughts. I’m SO proud of my friend!

Banana Water. This is SO random, but I have share because I think it’s nothing short of a miracle. My monstera plant basically died since I got it last July. When I was visiting my friend Erin in PA, she told me that she uses banana water for her thriving plants and garden. I was so intrigued, decided to try it, and I kid you not, my plant is making a MAJOR comeback! All I do is cut up a banana peel, soak it in a mason jar with hot water for a few days, and then water my plant with it. I’ve been doing it about once a week for three weeks and my monstera is thriving! ◡̈

Scünci Elastics. Scünci and Conair recently sent me the most generous package of hair accessories and while I’ve been using and loving many of them, I can’t get enough of this small pack of clear elastics. I took them on vacation last week and they really came in handy for some quick styles and beach braids! I love that they’re easily stored in this convenient plastic case – my biggest complaint when it comes to small elastics is losing them, but not any more! I can’t find this exact pack online but here’s a $6 pack with clear and black elastics!

Temu bikini. If you follow me on TikTok (or Instagram) you may have seen my “Dress My Bump For the Beach” bathing suit series while I was away last week! I shared a few maternity and non-maternity suits and had to include this neon orange one in my faves! It is not a maternity suit, but I love how it fits and its vibrant color! So happy to have it in my collection for the rest of the Summer and post-partum.

Amazon Sarong. I may have included this in a favorites post in the past but oh how I love these sarongs! They are my BFF at the beach and as we’re packing for another long weekend getaway, you best believe I’m brining them with me. I found these 4 years ago and they continue to be one of my most loved beach items. They’re fabulous quality, price, and available in plenty of colors. I always get compliments when I wear one and love turning people on to them. You can even use them as a light shawl!

Versed Mineral Sunscreen. One thing I learned soon after becoming pregnant was that I had to use mineral sunscreen. When I was restocking some of my favorite Versed products, I decided to try this out and I’ve been so happy with it! I’ve been wearing it as my daily moisturizer. It has the slightest tint to it, it wears beautifully (no white cast like other mineral sunscreens) and has been helping to protect my face from the harsh rays of the sun. Can’t say Versed ever lets me down, I love all of their stuff! I do still have an active coupon code (AMANDABELLA10) if you’re looking to order anything!

Poshdivah Pencil Skirt. I recently collaborated with Poshdivah, an affordable maternity line, and have too many great things to say about their pieces! I got one of their bodysuits and a pencil skirt and they are the softest, stretchiest, most comfy-non maternity looking clothes ever! You do not need a bump to wear their items. This orange skirt was a fun piece in August that I’ll definitely be wearing again in the Fall!

Maternity Shorts. While we’re on the maternity clothing train… I have to shout out these shorts. I thought I’d want to wear dresses 24/7 this Summer and while I do love a good sundress, somedays you really just want to throw on shorts and a tank. I found these at Walmart on sale for $14 and couldn’t be happier with them. They have a band that covers the entire belly (something I really like), and they’re so comfortable!

Baby Bub Maternity Pillow. I saw this on Instagram months ago and my Mom was sweet enough to order the Blissful Sleep Bundle for me! I just started to really use it this past month and what a difference it has made. I didn’t want a huge pregnancy pillow taking over our bed, so this wedge and mini noodle were the perfect compromise. I’ve been using just the noodle lately (I’m not sure what it’s called exactly), and it has made side sleeping much more comfortable. 10/10 recommend!

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. Ok I had to include a food item! I love my Summer ice cream and this Strawberry Cheesecake cone from the new Kings Ice Cream Parlour in Cape May, NJ is what my recent dreams have been made of. It was sooo darn good and I’ve been thinking about it ever since we got home! ◡̈

I loved this round up! August was such a great month. I truly cannot believe September is here. Time is flying by way too quickly. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m pregnant or not, but I wish life would slow down just a little bit. So much to enjoy, so little time! Dan and I are heading to Rhode Island for a few days to soak up some more Summer with family. We’re about to have a mini heat wave on the East Coast and I’m here for it… hold the Pumpkin Spice for me!! I’m SO excited for Fall, but not ready just yet.

Did you find anything new to love in August? Wishing you all a great month ahead!


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