Another month down and I swear that the older you get, the faster time flies. I’d love for the next couple of months to slow down just a bit, but I have a feeling they’re going to fly by faster than ever. Anyways! September was a really great month and there was a lot of cute clothes and great products to love! Check it out…

Drawstring Makeup Bag. This has made my life SO much easier, I cannot even begin to explain. I have a dedicated makeup drawer but it tends to get really messy, I’m always pulling products out, leaving them on my desk… and forget about having to pack makeup for travel! After a couple of trips this Summer, I knew I needed something easier and a more streamlined system. Now all of my makeup can stay in one place at all times. This bag holds EVERYTHING. I love how spacious it is and how compact it packs up. I cannot recommend this enough.

Poshdivah Bodysuits. Poshdivah was generous enough to send me a few of their comfy maternity pieces this summer and I just cannot get enough of them. I featured their pencil skirt last month, but this month wanted to highlight their new scoop romper and their pink bodysuit! Both are freakishly comfortable – so darn soft, and fun to style (I shared a video on Instagram a couple weeks ago styling this bumpsuit 3 different ways)! I know I’ll be wearing both of these pieces a ton over the last couple months of this pregnancy and postpartum as well. There’s nothing “maternity” about them so they may just become staples in my closet haha!

OPI Repair Mode. So many things to say about this new product! It’s a breakthrough bond-building nail serum that completely reprograms your nails, resulting in 99% nail keratin repair. It applies like a dehydrator and dries almost immediately. I shared a quick demo on YouTube (and Instagram & TikTok too) if you’re interested. But you simply apply a coat to your bare nails up to 2 times a day for 6 days. I went on a naked nail spree in September and I’ve really been enjoying it!

Silicone Baking Cups. I’ve had these for probably a year at this point – my sister in law got them for me! But after making a ton of zucchini muffins this past month, I had to feature them in my September round up. They are completely non-stick, easy to clean, and work fabulously! Such a nice alternative to disposable liners.

Londontown Glass Nail File. Another product I’ve had for a long while, but feel the need to give some love to now! I am incredibly picky when it comes to glass files. I’ve tried and used so many and there are very few that live up to my standards. I’ve actually been sourcing glass files for Sweet Almond for well over a year and still haven’t found one that I love! But this one from Londontown has everything I look for in a glass file. It never loses its grit and is very gentle on the nails. It’s a must have!

Olive Green Waffle Knit Shirt. As we move into Fall, transitional pieces like this are a must! This waffle knit button down is perfect for layering. It’s lightweight, but warm and so so cozy! It comes in 12+ colors and is a great piece to keep in your closet. I only got it a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve already worn it a few times!

Liquid I.V. I’ve been drinking Liquid I.V. for years, but only recently have I appreciated it in a new way. It has officially become my mocktail of choice! Whenever we’re with friends or family and everyone is indulging in some cocktails, I’ll pick a fun flavor to add to my ice water and it really does the trick! I honestly don’t have a favorite, they’re all pretty yum. I usually opt for the fruity packets – or the Cotton Candy. I do have a coupon code with LIV if you’re interested in ordering anything – you can use AMANDABELLA at checkout for a discount. πŸ™‚

Naked Nails. Never did I ever think that NAKED NAILS would be on my bingo card, but here we are. After growing my nails out for months (since June) I took a little break from polish and really enjoyed the bare nail life. I was using the OPI Repair Mode and crossing my fingers everyday and I was able to have quite a good run before I had an inevitable break. Now I’m rocking the shorties and I have to admit, it’s been a nice change of pace. Much easier to type…and do anything to be honest haha.

So many great faves last month and I’ve already fallen in love with a few things that I plan to feature next month too. October is my favorite month of the year for a million reasons…the weather, the food, the clothes, the fairs, the vibes, halloween (!), the list goes on and on. I plan on soaking up and enjoying every moment of the next 31 days!


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