Happy Monday! I feel like this was a pretty anti-climactic outfit week, but I’m really going to do my best to keep up with this series as I move through my final trimester. My outfits may not all be wins, but they’re realistic…and knowing I’m documenting an OOTD helps to keep me somewhat accountable! It was a cold & rainy week in Connecticut so there were lots of cozy pieces!

Monday 9/25/23: A very rainy Monday called for comfort and two day old hair. I went down to the office and had a doctors appointment in the afternoon. Update: I passed the glucose test so we don’t have gestational diabetes, thank you Lord!

Maternity Tank // Cardigan // Similar Maternity Denim // Sandals 

Tuesday 9/26/23: I was working from home all day (another rainy one) and I was filming a couple of nail videos so I didn’t bother putting a look together.

Wednesday 9/27/23: Another WFH day, I filmed a reel featuring this Pinkblush Maternity cardigan which I absolutely love. It’s so colorful, cozy, and fun! I think I’ll be wearing it a ton until Spring. I have an active coupon code until 10/26 – use BELLA at checkout for 25% OFF! ◡̈

Tank // Cardigan // Similar Maternity Denim // Sneakers 

Thursday 9/28/23: At the office again – ANOTHER rainy day! I love this little hooded dress, so easy to throw on! I hadn’t worn it since early July and I’m so glad it still fits.

Dress // Similar Zip Up // Sneakers

Friday 9/29/23: Again, it was POURING. Flood warnings all day! I was working from home during the day and then went over to my sister in laws to hang with her family …and have some pizza! Perfectly chill Friday.

Similar Pullover // Leggings  // Slippers

Saturday 9/30/23: No proper OOTD because I woke up to some water in the basement after 2 days of monsoon downpours. Dan was out of town, my Dad and brother were out of town, so I had to set up the wet vac and take care of that which was fun lol. I snapped this pic afterwards – I was officially 30 weeks pregnant Saturday morning! I did shower, but just threw on some leggings and spent the rest of the day cleaning up the house, running a few errands, and picking up some things for an upcoming campaign! Later on, I met up with my Mom, Aunt, and sister for a fun little girls night dinner!

I’m not linking any of this lol…

Sunday 10/1/23: Chill Sunday! Very slow morning, eventually got ready, filmed a video, and then went over to my parents for dinner. It was finally sunny and gorgeous so we sat by the pool for a bit to catch a little color. My Dad made the yummiest sauce and meatballs – seriously sooo good!

Matching Set (similar) // Slippers

I’m going to do my best to make a better effort this week! It’s going to be a busy one and it’ll end with my baby shower on Sunday! I am really looking forward to it, I can’t wait to get dressed up and spend the afternoon celebrating with friends and family. I just cannot believe this little boy is going to be here so soon! I truly can’t. Life is WILD! I hope you all have a great week! XO

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