Not long ago, someone suggested that I create an account on  – and oh my gosh, I am SO glad that I did!

What is Influenster? “Influenster is a community for social media ‘hotshots’ to share news, products, and reviews”

Aside from the fun I find in reviewing products and earning “badges” on the site – I’ve been given a ton of opportunities to be sent free items for review! I’ve passed on quite a few, because I want to be sure that the types of items I agree to review are products I may actually use. Just last week, I qualified for one of their fun campaigns and I received my first VoxBox!


This particular box was called the “I Do” box and was created with a Bride or wedding guest in mind! I summoned my sister, Katherine, to help me sample all of the products inside.  They hooked me up with snacks, makeup, and some other goodies! Overall, we were pretty pleased with what they had sent.  Read on to check out our feedback 🙂

Here you can see everything that was sent in the box (minus two snacks that we ate before we photographed – whoops!)

1) Skinny Girl Tasty Nutrition Lemon Swirl Granola Bar 

skinny girl lemon granola bars

To be honest with you, I am not a huge Skinnygirl fan. Their drinks and snacks are not my favorite, and unfortunately,  neither one of us is a huge fan of anything lemon flavored :(. So in all fairness – this granola bar would not have been something we were initially drawn to. However, the bar itself was not too bad. It was super chewy and was dipped/drizzled with a lemony yogurt. I love granola bars, I always have them on hand – at 150 calories each, I would definitely pick these up in a different flavor + give them another try!

2) SAHALE Snacks – Cashews with Pomegranate + Vanilla

Sahale cashews

These were YUM! Katherine loves cashews, and while I’m not the biggest fan – I would 100% purchase these after trying them. They could seriously be served as a dessert. All I could think about was crushing them up & putting them over a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Kath usually doesn’t  care for pomegranate, but even she was sold. If you’re a fan of glazed nuts, you have got to try these.

3) Urgent Rx Ache + Pain Relief To-Go

Urgent Rx

I have not tried this, nor have I ever heard of it! Initially I thought it was a powder that was added to water, but upon further review it looks like you just pour it right into your mouth…kind of gross?!  It claims to reduce aches, pains, arthritis, and headaches – which is right up my alley! I suffer from frequent migraine headaches, and the only medication that provides me with any type of relief is Excedrin Migraine with Caffeine. This pouch does contain caffeine, so I am really intrigued. I love how portable it is + hope it’s a winner. I’m down to try anything for my stupid headaches. I’ll have to keep you posted!

4) Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation

covergirl outlast colorstay

I am a huge fan of Covergirl foundations! The foundation that I currently use is actually their TrueBLEND formula (in shade M4) 😉 … so I was excited to give the new Outlast Stay Luminous a try. I am wearing it in these photos and overall, I was pleased with the product. The coverage was decent, though I think I prefer something a little heavier. I think part of the issue was that  I had to select my shade online, which is a bit difficult. My current Covergirl shade is “Sand Beige” so of the options I was given for this sample, I chose “Beige”.  Unfortunately it was a bit too light for my skin. I was able to make it work with my concealer, pressed powder, bronzer, and blush, but I’d love to give it another try in a deeper shade! Not writing this one off just yet, and definitely hanging onto it for the Fall/Winter months!

5) Covergirl Outlast Long wear + Moisture Lipstick

outlast lipstick

My face in this photo does not reflect my opinion of this lipstick whatsoever, because this product is extraordinary! I am wearing it above, and you can see that the color is very pigmented, the formula applies so smoothly, and when they say it’s a stain, it’s seriously a stain! I wore it all day, tried to scrub it off night, and still woke up in the morning with some residual color. This hot pink was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I ended up really loving it! I will absolutely be making a trip to the Covergirl aisle ASAP to try out some of their other shades. If you’re in the market for a creamy, long lasting lip color – I’d strongly recommend you check out this product. It was probably my most favorite item in the entire box.

6) Indeed Nanoblur

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.42.39 AM

This skin corrector was something I’d never tried nor heard of. In recent months, I’ve been very fixated on skincare and incorporating anti-aging products into my daily routine. Luckily for me, this Nanoblur cream was out of this world. We tested it on our hands and were blown away by the results – it instantly mattifies your skin.  As recommended, I applied it to my face after moisturizing, and then went on to apply my foundation. Unfortunately, it turned into a huge sticky mess. Boo 🙁 … I think I was working with one too many products. They alternatively suggested applying your foundation and then dabbing the product on afterwards (before powder) – I may try that method! My Mom gave it a try under her makeup & noticed some stickiness as well – so it may be a matter of letting it dry for an extended period of time before applying your makeup, or using it after foundation. Either way, it seriously works to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, it’s just a matter of finding a cohesive makeup routine to pair it with. I will continue to play with this product, because it really was impressive!

7) Neutrogena Hand Cream

neutrogena hand cream

We had spent the day laying out by the pool and when we came inside my sister was looking for some lotion for her dry skin. I told her to give this one a try!  She wasn’t the biggest fan – the formula is comparable to vaseline, and while it surely would work wonders for intense dry/cracked skin in the winter months – it was a bit heavy for the lighter dryness she was experiencing. My hands tend to crack in colder weather, and I have tried many a products to deal with that, so this may become my go-to come November/December. I’m not giving up on it just yet! 🙂

SO, that was everything in my first Voxbox! I hope you enjoyed this post – if you have/love any of these products, or can recommend a way to use them so that they work more efficiently, let me know in the comments below, I’m curious to hear the opinions of others.

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I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

7 comments on ““I Do” VoxBox | UNBOXING”

  1. I love the Neutrogena hand cream in the winter. You only need a dime sized amount and I swear you see a difference overnight. It is a little thicker so I tend to not use it unless I’m home.

    • Good to know!! You can tell it’s definitely super thick. I may try it on my feet overnight? Kind of gross, but my heels get so dry in the Summer. I’m going to hang onto it for a bit though, I have a hunch I’ll be reaching for it in the Winter 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking for a lipstick that stays on all day. Every lipstick I’ve tried is worn off before I’m out the door. I will definitely try covergirl outlast. Thanks 💄💄💄

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