I feel like I’ve uncovered the best beauty secret of all time and it has seriously changed my life. I recently began using two new products that have given me the most flawless makeup application ever. I’m telling you…flawless (and long-wearing)!

So a few weeks ago, Profusion Cosmetics sent over some of their makeup to try – I was pretty excited to dive in. The line is affordable, of impressive quality, and sold at Target (um, win win and win)! I decided to use the Conceal & Contour Kit and the Eye & Cheek palette to create a Valentine’s Day inspired look. I figured I’d fall in love with all of the pretty shadows, but what I didn’t expect to love as much as I did was the color correcting creams!!

 I’ve been using the green to cover red areas and acne scars and the peach to even out my under eye area. I had no idea how much of a difference applying these creams prior to foundation would make. The softest, most even looking skin ever! While these correctors do work fabulously on their own, there was one more product that I must credit for this transformation… The Olay Whips (a post completely dedicated to this stuff is coming soon)! This moisturizer-primer in one has been a Godsend. The weightless feel, smooth application, and matte skin finish makes your face the perfect canvas to work with. Between the correcting and the Whips, my makeup has never looked better!

Take a peek at my Valentine’s Day-inspired makeup tutorial to see everything in action. PS: I accidentally deleted the last clip of the video revealing the final look…so I had to re-film it 6 hours later. Surprisingly, it was a good thing — I couldn’t believe how well the makeup held up without any touch ups!

Is that not the prettiest palette? Stay tuned, I’m creating a few more looks with it! Shop these products here (couldn’t find the Conceal & Contour kit on the Target site, but you can grab it off the Profusion site here!)

Have you ever color corrected? It’s pretty fab!

Thoughts on Profusion Cosmetics? Any other must-try products from their line? 


4 comments on “Makeup Secrets for a Flawless Face”

  1. OMG I can’t beleive it’s been so long since I have commented on your blog! It’s nice to sit down and read through and catch up haha. But OMG color correcting can make MIRACLES. I remember the first time I heard of it, way back in my modeling days. But ever since I have had a green stick and a yellow stick on my makeup kit. I have recently discovered the peach and I love it!

    • Girl, I’m the worst about blog catch up (going to have to make my way over to yours right after this) ;). And oh my gosh, I’ve seen it & heard about it… but never really felt the need to do it. So silly! What a total game changer — it’s my new favorite thing! Paired with the whips, I swear my skin has never looked better! XOXO

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