Finding the perfect perfume is a bit of a daunting task for me. Not always, but a few times I’ve purchased a fragrance that I adore on the shelf, but cannot seem to stomach a few weeks later [please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to]!

With that said, I’m happy to report that I’ve been committed to a perfume for about three months now!  Spritzing it across my neck has become one of my favorite parts of the morning…

mariah carey dream

This pretty little perfume is called “Dreams” and it was created by none other than Mariah Carey! I don’t know why it surprises me so much, but I’m typically not drawn to celebrity fragrances. I’m  biting my tongue now, because I’ve got to admit that I LOVE this scent!

I was initially intrigued when I randomly stumbled upon what I thought was a body spray (turns out it was a hair mist?! That I proceeded to use as a body spray…) in the check out line at Marshalls .


I used every last drop of this product and found myself receiving so many compliments from friends and strangers!

The only way I can describe the scent is: rich. It’s mature, feminine, floral, fresh, and warm.

I recently picked up a trio set that came with the perfume, a shower gel, and a shimmering body lotion.


I have yet to try the shower gel, but think it’ll be perfect to use for special occasions! The lotion is incredibly fragrant and does wear with a very slight shimmer (which I like sometimes). 🙂


I’m so impressed with these products and am continuously crushing on this scent. I foresee it becoming a staple in my perfume collection for many years to come! Thank you, Mariah Carey…for Heartbreaker, your magical Christmas music & for this perfume. 😉

What is your favorite fragrance?

Are there any celebrity perfumes that you really love?


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  1. Aaaah, Mariah Mariah. 🙂 Never knew she had a fragrance out. I love your review of it. Now I’m dying to try it out. I’ll be on the lookout for them! Thanks Amanda, for sharing this.

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