Countdown to Christmas = 3 weeks from TODAY! Luckily, I’ve finished most of my shopping. I have just a few gifts left to grab and I’m sure you do too. So today, I’m sharing my SEPHORA Gift Guide that will hopefully help out anyone who’s still a bit stumped. I rounded up a bunch of hot items this year, exclusive holiday gift sets, and a few of my all-time favorite products …for good measure. 😉







Have you tried anything from above? There are definitely a couple items that I’m eyeing for myself! *cough* that Toasted Palette *cough*

I checked out most of these products at the Sephora at the The Shoppes At Farmington Valley in Canton, CT over the weekend! I love shopping there, especially this time of year. The entire place is decked out with Christmas trees, garland, twinkling lights, and traveling CAROLERS! I KID YOU NOT! I have never just stumbled upon of group of carolers in my life. The Shoppes have fulfilled my dream of living inside of a Hallmark Holiday movie for the day. 🙂

It’s also worth noting that The Shoppes put on a ton of fabulous events – their December line up has a little something for the whole family. Give-a-Gift Get-a-Gift, Hot Cocoa Nights, Breakfast with Santa, and so much more (check out the events calendar here)! I had such a fun and festive Saturday… I put together a VLOG style video of my afternoon for my YouTube channel, but I wanted to share it here too! Take a peek. 🙂

Like I mentioned in the vlog, I’m going to be on CT Style on WTNH (a local Connecticut station) around noon tomorrow (Tuesday 12/5). I’m going to be chatting about The Shoppes at Farmington Valley and a few of the gifts in this guide. So if you’re around, I’d love for you to tune in and check it out! 🙂

Are you guys done with your holiday shopping? I can’t believe Christmas is almost here!!



8 comments on “SEPHORA Gift Guide, VLOG, and TV Deets!”

  1. YAY for being so close to done with your shopping!!! I just have one more name on my list and I’ll be done as well…phew! Aren’t the Famington Valley shops the absolute cutest? I used to work at the American Eagle there a few years ago and it’s such a fun place to be around the holidays! Gorgeous outfit and video, as always! xoxo

    • Aw you killed it this year! It’s so nice to be done before the week of Christmas (which is when I usually finish LOL). And did you really?! I kept saying to everyone how nice it must be to work there during the holidays – it’s such a beautiful, festive and happy place to be!! 🙂

  2. You’re so good at shopping! You worked so hard on this post! In the states I would go on Amazon and order everything to my home like 2 weeks before in 5 minutes. Hahahaha! My minimalism and time management skills are directly related to avoid lines and people! hahahahaha! 😀

    • HAHA! Best compliment ever! I do love to shop online, Amazon is my jam! But there’s something about popping into real stores at Christmas time that’s really fun. I just love the vibe! But yes, lines & crowds are not usually my favorite thing to deal with either! LOL

  3. Oh man! You NEED to post details on that whole outfit you’re wearing while shopping – I NEED IT! Also, your picks for Christmas gifts were 100% on point – I would LOVE any of those! (I actually bought some of them for other people, too!)

    • Thank you so much Brittany!!! Okay, jacket was from Old Navy and has been 50% off lately…making it like $35! The beanie is from UGG…I stole it from my sister lol. The boots are a couple years old but I found them at Forever 21! Sephora had some great gifts this years, I totally got some of the perfume samplers – I think those are genius! And they come with a voucher for a free full sized bottle of your favorite!

  4. All Nighter is just the best! My make up has never looked so good at the end of the day 😀
    As for the shopping…I just got started today, but I hope I’ll have everything before the end of next week!

    • Ahh yes!! That setting spray is amazing!! And good for you, it’s sooo nice getting the shopping out of the way. Now you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season! 🙂

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