Zits. The wooooorrrrrsssssst. Unfortunately, we all get them. Though I’ve yet to find an instant, miracle product, I do have two go-to treatments that make all the difference in preventing + quickly healing these facial monsters.


I started using Mario Badescu products when I was in High School — over 10 years ago [omg]. He makes everything you could ever imagine when it comes to skincare, but only two of his products have I repeatedly purchased over the years.

  1. Buttering Lotion
Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion
“Specifically designed to treat large, deep, cystic acne, the buffering lotion covers large erupted areas for overall treatment. Formulated with nourishing B vitamins and amino acids for healthy skin as well as soothing anti-inflammatory herbal extracts to promote healing. Reduce cystic acne fast with this deep penetrating, fast absorbing formula.”


I use this miracle juice most nights – whether I have an active break out or not. I believe it’s meant to spot treat, but after cleansing my skin, I shake the bottle well + apply this all over my face. You can practically feel it working + it leaves your skin incredibly smooth.

2. Drying Lotion

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
“The Drying Lotion is a fast acting, effective acne spot treatment. Formulated with salicylic acid, calamine and other quick-drying ingredients, this product will shrink ugly whiteheads virtually overnight while you sleep. While other acne spot treatments can irritate and dry delicate or sensitive skin, this product is safe and effective for all skin types.”


The drying lotion is hands-down, the best spot treatment I have ever used. After applying the buffering lotion, I will polka dot the life out of my face [evident in the image at the top of the page]. You simply dip a q-tip into the bottle until it reaches the pink sediment + then dab it onto any problem areas. Big zits, small zits, areas I feel might get a zit, I just do it up. Let it dry, go to sleep, and wash it off in the AM.

The two of these products combined have saved me on many, many occasions. In my experience, they work overnight to level smaller pimples + whiteheads. For larger nodules, or cystic acne [which I’m prone to once a month or so] it does take a bit longer. However, it works significantly faster than any other acne treatment I have tried!

Years ago, I remember driving almost an hour to the only skincare boutique I could find outside NYC that sold these products. They’re now available of course online, as well as Nordstrom, Ulta, and even Urban Outfitters! No excuse not to give them a try.

These Mario Badescu gems have been in my life for years + I foresee them staying for many years to come. 🙂

Have you tried the buffering or drying lotion?

What are your go-to spot treatments?


13 comments on “Nothing Cute About Zit.”

  1. Never heard of this miracle potion… Probably not available in SA but it looks like a life saver from where I’m sitting. There are few things more pesky than a zit on a day that you simply cannot have one.

    I use tea tree oil products when I am faced with one of those buggers. It has unbelievable anti-inflammatory properties that reduces the zit in a few hours.

    Nihaad – the little blog of STUFF

    • They are the best — my very favorite spot treatments! I know a few people who swear by tea tree oils as well, but I have yet to try them out. I think I may have to give them a shot sometime soon. 🙂

      Thank you for reading! XOX

  2. Again, awesome post love!! I seriously love the pics and the first one made me laugh!! So cute!! I am totally going to have to pick these up for spot treatment! I don’t get pimples very often, but when I do they are a nightmare to get rid of haha!

  3. I LOVE Mario Badescu products – such great quality & affordable prices! I haven’t tried these 2 yet but I’m going to have to pick them up at Ulta the next time I’m there. 🙂

  4. I went out and bought the drying lotion last night after reading this and I cannot even believe how well it worked overnight. I’m totally sold! Thank you!

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