Makeup can be fun and I am the first to admit that I like to paint myself a new face on once in a while! However, sometimes…most times, less is more!

Today, I’m sharing a “no-makeup” makeup tutorial with you. I feel like minimal makeup is IN lately. From Kim K to Alicia Keys, it’s becoming more common to see ladies going out with less on their face while encouraging other women to do so too!

Using only products from the drugstore, I’ve created a clean and fresh-faced makeup look that simply enhances my natural features without totally changing my god given face…or breaking the bank! 😉

Enjoy the video & be sure to read until the end of this post! I tallied up all of these products and actually cannot believe how affordable they really are! XO

Many of these products you’ve surely seen before; maybe in another tutorial, a favorites post, or my latest empties video! But I personally think it’s cool to see repeat products. I love when people continuously use the same things… it shows that they really do use, love, and trust them. Just because I like makeup and constantly try and share new products, doesn’t mean I don’t have my trusty faves and go-to’s. 🙂

 Here’s a list of everything I used in this video with links to buy! –>

Drumroll please! ….All of these products….only cost…..$53 TOTAL*!!!

That is essentially as much as ONE of these high end products! Luxury makeup is fun, but drugstore steps up to the plate sometimes. It’s all about finding what works for you & learning how to apply it correctly. 🙂

*total does not include the $20 Beauty Blender. But hey, that’s still pretty good!

I hope you guys liked this post, I had a lot of fun putting it together! I hope you’re enjoying all of the new videos as well. I’m trying to pay a little more attention to my YouTube channel this year…video content is a blast to create & I’ve really been having a good time with it! If you’re not subscribed to my channel, you can do so here! If you have a YT channel, let me know in the comments and leave me a link so I can subscribe to yours as well!! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the “no-makeup” makeup look?  

Do you usually wear a full face everyday?


18 comments on “The “No-Makeup” Makeup Look / Drugstore Tutorial”

  1. Great video! I love the natural look. I definitely feel more confident with a little makeup, but I want it to enhance, not overpower. I’m seeing this look more and more, and I think it’s so pretty. Working from home can make me a bit lazy (some days I do embarrassingly little), but I always do my brows and at least a little foundation over my sunscreen, bronzer or light touch of blush, and I will at least curl my eyelashes. 😉

    • Thanks Connie! I agree, when I wear too much makeup, I feel like it’s really obvious, and then I’m just concerned that I look too caked – BB cream was the best thing to hit the makeup world. It’s all personal preference, there’s really no right or wrong. If you want to wear a lot or none at all, I think it’s totally up to you! Thank you for reading!! 🙂 XOXO

  2. I love this look and that it’s so affordable. I want to try that BB Cream so bad, but even the light shade is WAY too dark for me. I used to be “the more the merrier” with makeup, but I find myself loving more simple looks for day to day. I still love any occasion to get glammed up though! I’ve gotten a quick, no makep makeup routine established and I can do it no time.

    • Ugh, that stinks – the shade selection with BB creams is definitely limited. 🙁 Believe me I love to do a full face too! Some days it’s fun to go all out, and then somedays you just want to look halfway decent haha. Having a quick go-to makeup look is crucial!!

  3. Okay, I’m going to give this look a try! I’m a BB cream and go type of girl, but I’m thinking my beauty routine could use a little makeover:) My Amazon cart is loaded up with all these goodies:D

      • Loving all these products! I have to watch your tutorial like every other day bc I forget what I’m supposed to do with stuff, but I’m loving the results!! Now I just need someone to stop me on the street and tell me how gorgeous I look😋

        • You’re so cute!! I’m so glad that you like them & you find the tutorial helpful! I’m sure you look BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing with me! That makes me happy. XOXO

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