Happy Friday! Do you ever do something that may seem really small to others, but is a huge and exciting deal for you? Well I’ve been making a LOT of teeny tiny changes lately (hello new e-mail!) that I am completely thrilled about, including this series, Catch It In Connecticut — keep scrolling to get the scoop!

I was born and raised in Connecticut, and while it may or may not be my home forever, it is right now. I thought it’d be fun to showcase some of the amazing restaurants, stores, venues, spas, events, etc. that can be found in the Nutmeg State…or the Constitution State? Why does our state have so many names!? I am constantly receiving e-mails from local business owners asking if I’d be interested in their services, visiting their stores, or attending their events and many times I’m hesitant because I’m not exactly sure how to seamlessly work it into my content (since many of my readers are out of state). So I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing some of these places here, in my Catch It In Connecticut series! It can be used as a resource for CT residents or anyone who may find themselves visiting New England. 🙂

Alright, let’s get to it! I couldn’t think of a better business to feature as I kick off this series than Nefaire Spa in Westport, CT. Nefaire puts a new spin on the traditional spa experience, by incorporating fresh elements such as organic ingredients, modern technology, and accessible pricing, to help make skincare and wellness a more enjoyable and regular part of your life.

I will be 100% honest, when we first got in touch, I wasn’t exactly sold on the concept. How were fresh ingredients going to transform my skin? In my mind the heavy duty chemicals, peels, lasers, and masks are where it’s at! Boy was I wrong. I have never been more blown away by the magic of some mashed bananas, honey, and a skilled facialist. I don’t want to skip a beat, so I’m going to walk you through my experience from the moment I stepped in the door to the moment I left!

Nefaire is located on the Post Rd. in downtown Westport, right over the bridge! I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by Wen (eeek! I hope I spelled her name correctly); the sweetest, most enthusiastic woman I’ve ever met. She was so eager to show me around and explain exactly what they do at Nefaire.

I began by filling out a brief intake form on an iPad. I answered some questions about myself, my skin concerns, and my expectations for the service…I even got to select the type of music I wanted to listen to during my facial! Afterwards, she brought me over to the front counter for a skin analysis where she used a fancy little tool to scan my face (yeah, read that one again…she scanned my face!) This small handheld device is placed upon your skin where it then takes very detailed photos of your complexion. The pictures are analyzed with a software program and the results are spit out in seconds.

Your skin is compared to the skin of others in your age range, and at first glance, I wasn’t particularly enthused by these results. However, Wen assured me it was a pretty good breakdown. After discovering which areas posed a problem, she began pulling ingredients to customize my facial.

 She determined that a mixture of mashed banana, honey, green tea (and maybe one more ingredient, but I forget) would be the best combination for me. She whipped it right up, right there, and then brought me to one of the treatment rooms to change (where yes, my choice of music was playing!)

At this point, I had one of those moments where I thought “how cool is this and how lucky am I to be here on a Wednesday afternoon?!” I was excited! I changed into the towel wrap and hopped into the bed. Wen returned to begin the facial. I laid there as she used a steamer to open my pores and do some extractions (my fave!), she massaged my face (focusing on areas of concern), and did a few more things…there was a small laser at one point that I believe was used to kill bacteria and could actually be used to stop a pimple in its tracks?! She placed cooling homemade, green tea eye pads over my eyes and then applied the facial mixture! It was smooth, refreshing, and smelled pretty good too. All I kept thinking was “is this seriously a banana?!” She massaged my arms and legs while the mixture soaked into my skin…I may have fallen asleep.

After a bit, she removed the facial, cleaned up my skin, applied a homemade lip balm, and we were done! She was so excited for me to take a look at my face and once I caught a glance in the mirror, I could see why…I was actually glowing. Really, my face was glowing! I felt so refreshed, and my skin was softer than it’s ever been. Again…HOW DID A BANANA DO THIS?! I was completely blown away. I changed back into my clothes, Wen returned with a cold glass of water, and this girl was good to go!

Do I look like I just took the most amazing hour nap or no!? (Excuse the funky sunburn on my face/nose; no relation to the facial, I had just spent a week at the beach). I walked out of that room and could care less about my makeup-less face and messy hair because my skin felt so darn good.

Thank you so much to Nefaire for blowing my mind, introducing me to these kinds of treatments, and teaching me a few very valuable things about natural skincare! If you are a Connecticut resident, do yourself and your skin a favor, browse all of the services they have to offer and book an appointment. Their prices are incredibly reasonable, their customer service is unparalleled, and the results speak for themselves.

They are going to be undergoing some renovations soon and expanding their “Chipotle” concept which sounds like it’s going to be really cool. I hope to return very soon!

I hope you guys are just as excited about my Catch It In Connecticut series as I am! I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the places I’ve known and loved for years and explore a few new ones as well. CT friends, send me all of your hidden gems!

I am actually booking it out of Connecticut this weekend and am off to NYC for some Fashion Week fun! Follow along on Instagram and let me know if you’re going to be in the city too! 🙂


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