As you know, my hair is quite sad, limp, flat, pathetic, thin [<—just some words that come to mind]. So I am always trying anything + everything that could potentially give it a little more life + volume!

For Christmas, my wonderful hair stylist friend Jackie, gave me the most incredible basket full of fancy shmancy hair products! Shampoo, conditioner, volumizing mousse, root lifter, texturizing powder, serums, all kinds of clips + claws, teasing combs, seriously… everyyyything! 🙂

In this post, I wanted to share 4 of those products with you that have seriously changed my life…well, my hair’s life!

Before After Hair

The first two are the L’Anza Healing ColorCare Color-Preserving shampoo + conditioner. They are great for protecting your color + are sulfate free! I love that they both smell so yummy + that the shampoo lathers really well — that’s so rare for sulfate-free products [at least in my experience].

Lanza Shampoo Conditioner
Order the shampoo here, and the conditioner here!

Once I washed + conditioned my hair, I applied the Indie Hair Foam +  Goldwell Double Boost Style Sign Root Lifter.

Order the Indie Mousse here, and the Goldwell Root Lifter here!

You only need a small palm-full of the mousse. This stuff is legitttt!

hair inside mousse Below is a “before” shot once my hair was washed + all products were applied…so flat + sad. 🙁

washed hair

But then… we blow dry! HOLY VOLUME!

Blow dry hair

Once it was dry, I used a wand to quickly curl my hair, and here is the final result…


No teasing…


No hairspray…


Nothing but the use of those 4 products! Big, bouncy, full, Victoria’s Secret-style hair!

I’m seriously in loveeee! I think you can totally use drugstore makeup + create a flawless face, but quality hair products are a whole nother ball game!

I’m beyond excited that these worked so well for me! Thank you Jackie for helping me step up my hair game this year! I owe you big time. 🙂

What shampoo/conditioner do you use?

Do you have a favorite volumizing mousse or root lifter?







50 comments on “BIG Hair DON’T Care..No really, gimmie that volume!”

  1. Love it! Beautiful as always. I have thick, natural curly hair, but it just hangs because it is heavy. It doesn’t even really hold a curl for long if I use an iron. Any suggestions to have no frizz and volume with that kind of hair?! 🙂

    • Hmmm! I’m going to pick my girlfriends brain about that one, because I am honestly like hair-challenged. BUT I did write a post recently about a mist product that I’m really enjoying! I don’t know if it’ll ever get posted, but it’s the OGX Moisture + Vitamin B5 Weightless Oil Mist. It’s a very light spray that’s meant to moisturize damaged/stressed hair, but it reallyy helps to control my frizz! I spritz it after I’m done blowdrying/styling – it’s seriously wonderful! —>

  2. Holy results!! Those before and after photos are awesome!! I also have very flat hair, but I always felt when I used multiple products my roots would get oily- have you had this problem or felt it with these products? I am super excited to see how affordable the shampoo and conditioner are too!!

    • I have the same oil issue! I didn’t apply the mousse to my roots, just the lifter…so having only one product near the scalp helped! I was able to get 2 “down hair” days out of this routine [which is huge for me] + then 1-2 messy/slicked back bun or hat days! I’ve only washed my hair 3x since Christmas. Kind of gross, but the longer I can wait, the longer it’ll hold. And I soooo look forward to washing/styling my hair now! 🙂

  3. UM amazing! My hair is seriously the worst with volume and loses it instantly! The ONLY thing that has truly worked for me is the Bamboo Plumping Strand Expand but I will definitely have to check these products out! 🙂 XO!

    • Oh my gosh, you would NEVER know!!! Your hair always looks amazing – so long + full! I haven’t heard of the Bamboo product, but I’m definitely going to look into it! 🙂

  4. The bigger the hair the better! I was blessed with SUPER thick hair so I don’t have much trouble with volume, but I still love to tease it every now and then. If I want a little extra lift, I use the Aquage Uplifting Foam at my roots and it works wonders.

    • Lucky duck!! You have the cutest hair, I love the short bob on you! Teasing was my jam for so long, my hair took such a beating so I try to go easier on it now. I’m writing down that Aquage! I only started using root lifters maybe a year ago? IDK HOW I lived without them!

  5. Love your hair! I have super thick curly hair and I never have the motivation to do any styling with it. But a wand is probably way easier.
    And I love John Frieda Brilliant Brunette. Its for both natural and color treated brunettes. I love it. <3

    • Oooh! Thanks for sharing, I used JF’s Brilliant Brunette in college…I should revisit them at some point! I love the wand, it definitely makes curling quick + easy. Though a lot of work, I swear, having thick + curly hair is a blessing…I wiiiish I did!!!

    • You’re TOO kind! Thank you. I’m really SO happy with these products! 🙂 And idk what to do with my color! I think I’m going to be ready for a change soon! 🙂

  6. OMG! Love it! Your hair looks fabulous!! Wow! Haha, i’m having my own hair challenges myself these days (as you can see if you read a few of my blog posts about them…) So i love seeing how products can work on various people, and hoping something like that will happen to me one day too!
    Fantastic blog, just gave you a follow! Would love if you’d check mine out as well 🙂

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! Eventually you will find the right products for you! It takes a lot of experimenting, but it’ll happen! 🙂 I’ll have to swing by your blog ASAP! XO

  7. This is calling to me!! My hair is the exact same!! Super thin and no natural volume!! I can’t wait to get my hands on those products!! Awesome post girl! Your hair looks AMAZING! Also, I had to laugh at your before and after. Too perfect. Super sad before that’s black and while and then the after in color like BAM I look good!!

    • I watch too many infomercials – when I put them tougher, I was like this is SO what you’d see on TV! The woman who’s all frustrated because she literally cannot drain spaghetti is in black + white, and then her happily cooking with her new strainer in full color LOL! And yes!! The mousse + root lifter I *highly* recommend!! 🙂

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