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I wanted to quickly share a few photos with you from my trip to NYC with Simply Gail G & our NYFW adventures! I brought my nice camera, but was so caught up in all of the excitement, hustle, and bustle, that I ended up using my iPhone…although not as profesh, it got the job done!

Take a peek! XO

nyfw 2016

The above photo was snapped outside the Skylight at Moynihan Station where most of the shows take place. So many photographers & media were there interviewing & snapping street style pics as people head in and out of the shows. We definitely spotted some familiar faces & some incredibly dressed people! I asked Gail to snap a few shots of me under the entrance & a couple of photographers ran up to snap my pic too! Definitely cool, but all I kept thinking was if only you knew that I’m dressed head to toe in Forever 21! LOL.  14352519_1676224872696144_1859122300390701650_o I took this while we were waiting outside The Gallery, where Irina Vitjaz was showing her collection. This was the first show that we attended! 🙂simply gail g amanda bella nyfw Snapping selfies before the show started!irina-vitjaz-2016-nyfw I loved this line so much! All of her pieces were flowy, feminine, sexy, and edgy at the same time. I probably would wear just about everything that came down that runway! Above were just a few of my favorites! irina vitjaz nyfw You may have seen me Instagram this photo the other night, but ICYMI, how different is the birdcage veil over the baseball cap?! Irina made that WORK! The bubble skirt was pretty darn fab as well. I thought this look was a lot of fun!  irina vitjaz nyfw Such a surreal experience!ootd nyfw street style 2016This was after our first show! Like I mentioned before, my whole outfit (minus my bag) was from Forever 21! Keep scrolling for links! 😉 yu lang nyfw 2016 The second show that we attended was Yu Lang by Lang Yu. We were seated in the front row & given a little gift bag with some makeup goodies… which I can’t wait to try!

yu lang gift bagyu-lang-nyfw-2016 This collection was definitely different! Very geometric & full of bold colors. There was a true mix of simple & eccentric. Some of the pieces I would absolutely love to wear! Seeing the creativity of these designers right before your eyes is just incredible…something I really can’t explain!yu lang nyfw 2016 After the second show we went to  Le Cafe Grainne to grab something to eat…and rest our feet!cafe grainne After lunch we did a little shopping & then snapped some photos in SoHo! HUGE thank you to Gail for these beautiful shots! She totally inspired to start playing with the settings on my camera, because I am definitely doing something wrong! LOLamanda bella gail g Love this girl! XOamandabella gail g nyfw 2016 Shop my NYFW look! Actual or similar items are linked below:

shop my nyfw look

Faux Suede Mini Skirt [actual] // High Neck Sleeveless Bodysuit [similar] // Faux Suede Over-The-Knee Boots [similar] // Cat Eye Sunglasses [actual] // Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy [actual]

I had the most amazing time! NYC was absolutely beautiful this week & well worth the trip. I enjoyed every single moment, and per usual, cannot wait to head back! 🙂

Did you make it to NYFW? I saw that so many bloggers & IG-ers that I follow were there, I wish I had time to meet up with everyone. Next time!! 🙂 


nyfw 2016

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  1. It was such a fun day. I was a total wreck once I got home. Sooo tired. Loved wandering the city with you babe and you looked stunning! Loved the post! Until next time. Xoxo

    • Aw, me too…I think my body is still recovering LOL. Thank you AGAIN! It was much fun. I loved your outfit[s] too…you fit right in! I’m so glad that we got to go together. Can’t wait for our next adventure! XOXOXO

  2. I so enjoyed your instagram over the past couple days, haha. You totally fit in with your head to toe Forever 21 style! I would love to go to NYFW. I was in Paris days before PFW started, so I got to see everyone set up. It was hella cool.

    • Thank you so much, and OMG, that is AMAZING! Talk about cool experiences! I’m so grateful that I’m only a short ride away from the city, but I can online imagine what PFW is like!!!!

    • Go get itttt! This body suit has got to still be in stores, I just got it last weekend. I couldn’t find it online though :(. But yes, so much fun…Gail is the best!! 🙂

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