Woohoo week 3! And I feel like I’m getting less stylish by the second. Just kidding…kind of. It was a little bit of an off week and I honestly wasn’t feeling it. I realized that I really need some more lightweight sundresses/rompers – it’s all I’ve felt like wearing in this heat. Girlfriend has some shopping to do! Anyways, let’s bring it back to Monday…

MONDAY 8/1/2022: Anyone else love when the first day of the month falls on a Monday? Off to the office today. I have to admit, I’ve had these pants since 10th grade and I cannot seem to part with them. This bodysuit is a must- I have it in two colors and definitely need it in more!

TUESDAY 8/2/2022: Ran a few errands in the morning, had to capture some footage for a YT video, came home, filmed, packed orders, and made a really delicious zucchini parm for dinner!

WEDNESDAY 8/3/2022: WFH in the morning, had my car serviced in the afternoon, workout + kayaks with Dan later on! Making a mental note to clean this mirror!

THURSDAY 8/4/2022: Off to the office this AM and was really feeling like I was running out of outfit ideas. Contemplated not continuing to document this week, but I am enjoying these posts…so going to stick it out. I’m considering looking into a clothing subscription service to mix things up!

FRIDAY 8/5/2022: Morning work out & then we went to MetLife Stadium for NY Giants Fan Fest. It was nearly 100 degrees so I ditched any effort of dressing like a fan + opted for the most lightweight clothes I could find. Still melted, but it was fun!

SATURDAY 8/6/2022: I’m going to be honest, I didn’t even get dressed on Saturday. Spent the day cleaning the house & getting some work done in my PJ’s.

SUNDAY 8/7/2022: Yay for an opportunity to get dressed up. Went out to brunch for my Aunt’s birthday! 🙂

That’s a wrap on last week! A few things I’m taking away…1. While I do love the clothes that I have, my closet still needs quite a bit of work. I’m officially bored and on the hunt for some new pieces. 2. My lighter hair has been fun, but I’m really not feeling like myself and want a little bit of my dark back. So I’m headed back to the salon on Friday to tweak it a bit! Definitely exploring the clothing subscription services this week – reaching out to a few I’ve had my eye on. Let me know if you’ve used or loved any! XO

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  1. Loving these posts Amanda! 1st off you should share that zucchini parm recipe, 2nd I feel you on the wardrobe refresh, sometimes I feel like I want to get rid of everything and start new but that’s always a mess haha and 3rd I have only tried stitch fix in the past and it was ok. My hubby and my friend had more success with them than I did.

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