Wow, I had no idea how much I would enjoy reviving this series! Putting together last weeks post brought me such a hearty dose dose of joy…that I’m back for more. 🙂 While IG users are on a mission to Make Instagram Instagram Again (I’m all for it BTW, sign the petition here) – I’m here to make blogging fun again!

I’m officially over overthinking and trying to perfect my content. This world has become too curated and so inauthentic that I’m desperately ISO anything that feels remotely real. So for me, that looks like normal mirror pics, realistic outfits, and feeling comfortable sharing pieces of my perfectly imperfect life. With that said, I’ve got another round of OOTD’s for ya…

MONDAY 7/25/2022: Had a doctors appointment in the morning, popped into the office for a bit, then went back home to do some work. Thankfully the temps cooled down a little in CT!

TUESDAY 7/26/2022: Work from home day! Worked on couple of upcoming projects, packed some SA orders, met my brother for lunch, popped into the grocery store + post office, then home to wrap up some work + read for Sundays live mani/book club!

WEDNESDAY 7/27/2022: Okay, debated even sharing this one because Wednesday gave very minimal effort. I was working from home all day with the exception of a trip to the post office, we had someone stop by to give us a quote for a renovation project, and we worked out in the afternoon. I’m sharing this one anyways because it’s realistic and I’ve been loving these shorts + the sports bra!

Tank (so soft) // Shorts // Sports Bra // FILA slides

THURSDAY 7/28/2022: Was at the office in the morning, then went out with my Mom in the afternoon. It was honestly way too hot for this outfit, but I liked it! 🙂

FRIDAY 7/29/2022: So in love with this little romper! Super comfortable and flattering. Baseball hat because I had a hair appointment the next morning + grays were popping. I’ve been trying to take Fridays totally off this Summer. I met one of my girlfriends and her babygirl for lunch, then my in-laws came over for pizza & to help us with some home projects!

Similar Romper here, here, and here // Sneakers // Similar Hat // Amazon Bag

SATURDAY 7/30/2022: Kind of scrubby for a hair appointment in the morning. I went SO light (see right pic). We’re trying something new + I’m still getting used to it, but it’s a fun change! Then slipped into this jumpsuit later on for a night at the brewery with some friends.

SUNDAY 7/31/2022: Worked out in the morning, ran a couple errands, spent the afternoon at my in-laws, and then had our live mani/book club! I actually ended up changing half way through the day (into this faithful old dress lol) because it was so warm + humid. I forgot to snap that pic tho!

And that wraps up week two! While I love how much I’ve paired down my closet, this series is definitely making me feel like I have a little shopping to do. I do find myself reaching for what I have, but I also feel like I’ve basically worn my way through my entire wardrobe. This time of year, all I want to wear are light + airy sundresses, loose shorts, and cute tanks. So, I’m officially on the hunt for a few more!

We’ll see if I can keep this up again next week! Still tying to figure what my style really is these days, but I’m enjoying the process. Hope you all have a great week! XOXO

4 comments on “WIWTW: 7/25/2022”

  1. Feels so nostalgic seeing these posts, instead of the curated reel on other social media platforms. The romper is gorgeous. Thanks for making blogging fun again.

    • Aw!Thanks so much Millie! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the posts – it’s been fun for me too! And oh my gosh, the romper is my favorite! I recently snagged it at a TJ Maxx! The jumpsuit is an oldie, but a goodie too – those kinds of pieces stand the test of time for me. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great week! XOXOXO

  2. As you know, definitely on board the make blogging fun again! I think I need that little Lululemon bag thing in my life, feels like the best way to dip my toes into that trend. Also LOVE those printed shorts, they look amazing on you. Finally I had forgotten how cute you look in capri pants! I am too tall to rock them but I love seeing them on other people! <3

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