Happy Weekend!

This past week, I thought it’d be fun to snap my OOTD each morning & do a What I Wore This Week post! Whenever I reprise this series, I realize how much I really do miss it! I may begin incorporating them more often. Don’t hold me to it, but I’m going to try! 🙂

I wasn’t up to anything crazy this week, just a lot of errands, blog work, Christmas shopping, and trying to stay WARM going on – so no super fun looks, just some everyday fashion! Take a peek! XO

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Jacket // Sweater (similar) // Leggings // Boots // Hat // Crossbody (similar)

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Sweater // Jeans (similar) // Booties // Earrings // Necklace

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Sweater //
Sweater (similar) // Jeans // Blanket Scarf // Booties (similar) // Earrings

Thursday, December 15th, 2016 (clearly I lose interest in doing hair & makeup as the week progresses lol)

Corduroy leggings // Sweater // Boots
Corduroy leggings: HUE, Boscov’s  // Sweater: Old Navy // Boots

Friday, December 16th, 2016 (I really can’t tell you why I’m squatting… I was just so, SO cold when I snapped this!)

Leggings // Plaid Flannel // Vest // Booties
Leggings // Plaid Flannel (similar) // Vest (similar) // Booties: Madora

Yay for bringing WIWTW back! Obviously, not the fanciest of weeks, but my favorite was definitely Tuesday because I was wearing my new sweater & booties!! Charlotte Russe black Friday deals FTW! 🙂


If you guys are on Facebook, be sure to like my blogs page by clicking here! This week I started sharing one feel-good news story, video, advertisement, etc.  per day & plan to continue until Christmas! There is a lot upsetting news and negative posts that can really break you (well, at least me) down, so I wanted to try & bring light to all of the good people & uplifting stories out there, especially during this holiday week. 🙂


Enjoy your weekend!

Anyone have fun plans? I’m scared mine are going to be cancelled due to snow! 🙁

21 comments on “WIWTW Returns…At Least For This Week!”

    • Thank you!! This was one of my regular series, but it kind of fell off. Hoping to bring it back a little more regularly in the New Year! The booties are SO cute, I need a better shot of them! lol

  1. Omgsh I totally miss these so much!!! They are my obsession. However, I totally know how much work they are and totally understand why you can’t do them all the time haha!! You seriously are amazing girl!! And EEEEKKK I am so excited. This was an awesome surprise this morning!!

    Now for the outfits. You rock every single one of them (no shock there haha)! I literally cannot pick which is my favorite! I need all your boots!!!! They are incredible!!! Love those high boots too! Totally need that white sweater and that blue poncho!! AAAAA love it!!!

    • You crack me up! Your enthusiasm is everything!! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re happy about the comeback, I definitely need to get better about doing more of these posts, I really do miss them!!

      Thank you for your sweet words & kind compliments as ALWAYS!!! XXOXO

  2. i love your windows in this room! is this your bedroom or a different room in the house? such awesome natural lighting! i’m a sucker for windows + lighting like this!
    lol and of course as always – cute outfits!!! So chilly up here in the NorthEast!!

    • Thank you!! It’s actually a porch!! I have such a hard time finding good light in the house, so I take a lot of my blog pics out there (although it’s getting so, so cold!!) Thanks for reading!! 🙂 XO

    • Thank you!!! I did miss it, I’m going to try and do them a little more often! I loved Tuesday too, I’ve already worn that sweater 3X since it arrived last week LOL 🙂

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