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I love having a blog for so many reasons! It’s fun getting the opportunity to try, style, and share new clothes or makeup, but what I love even more is sharing some of the marvelous things that I’ve found & fallen in love with on my own.  I’ve shared many of my go-to’s with you before, but I have a new one for ya today!

A couple of years ago, I found what I consider to be the coziest pullover sweater! I came across it at Target & immediately began buying them in every color/print I could get my hands on. They are so comfortable, perfectly fitted, and work great with jeans, slacks, and skirts! I found myself wanting to wear them in AND out of the office…all of the women's favorite sweatertarget pullover sweatertarget pullover sweatertarget pullover sweater

This is the Women’s Favorite Pullover Sweater by Merona found at Target…and boy was it pronounced the favorite for a reason! There are few sweaters that are fitted, warm, flattering, and comfy all in one. It feels SO good on, honestly, like butter lol & it holds it’s shape really well all day long.

This exact print is no longer for sale, but they do have a few other cute options available… like this houndstooth pattern, this animal print, this argyle, and this fun design too! These sweaters are THE best  & they’re all currently under $13! You must take advantage… YAY for sales!!!

(PS: these gorgeous earrings are from The Shinn Life Shop & may have been the best accessory purchase I’ve ever made!)

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season! I don’t know if you follow my blog’s Facebook page, but this week I started sharing some feel-good stories to try & break up the negativity that I can’t seem to avoid in my timeline (this story is so sweet). I plan to share one feel-good article, post, meme, commercial, etc. per day until Christmas! And who knows, maybe this is something I’ll decide to continue doing everyday! If you’re in need of a little uplifting, you can find me on Facebook here! 🙂


Have you guys tried these sweaters before? 

Let me know if you have any must-have favorite pieces!


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