Eeek Week 3! Having so much fun with this and I know it’s only going to get better. Ok, so week 2 was a bit frumpy for me – I still *tried* more than I normally would, but I was definitely slacking. So this week I wanted to make more of an effort to style proper outfits. I did my best to stray from leggings & loungewear!

Monday 6/5/23: Mondays I head into the office and I’m usually pretty casual on these days – but I decided that I needed to start the week strong… so we went with a dress! I love this linen dress (I did iron it Sunday night, but it’s sooo hard to keep smooth). This waffle knit sweater is really cute and comfy but I never pull it out of my closet – it was bit chilly in the AM so I threw it on and I thought it matched fine. Tomorrow is hair wash day so I opted for a topknot…and of course, my go to nude flip flops ◡̈

Dress // Sweater // Similar Sandals // Small hoops (similar)// Phone Case

Tuesday 6/6/23: I love Tuesdays! They’re usually my catch up days. I spent the morning in my PJ’s making my to-do list, doing laundry, cleaning the house, ordering/picking up groceries, and getting my office in order! I showered (finally washed my hair!), got ready, and put on a proper outfit (even opting for block heels) because I was determined to step it up this week! I spend the rest of the afternoon working and got so much done. Love me a productive Tuesday! ◡̈

Similar Bodysuit // Similar Denim // Similar Block Heels // Similar Medium Hoops //  Phone Case

Wednesday 6/7/23: The fog from the Canada wildfires was making its way through Connecticut yesterday and today. Normally, I’ll work from home in the morning and then go to a coffee shop or the library in the afternoon to edit, but I decided to stay in today since the air was so gross outside! I was really into this outfit because it’s one I had never worn before! I may need to repeat it soon – on a day I leave the house!

Similar Top // Similar Shorts (here and here) // Similar Sandals // Similar Medium Hoops // Phone Case

Thursday 6/8/23: Ok, I broke down and opted for a leggings day! It was a little chillier in the morning and I was headed into the office (which I should clarify – is super casual). I knew I wanted to wear a hat because Friday is my hair wash day and I loved this easy outfit. This LOFT denim jacket has been a staple for years and I haven’t worn this cropped T in probably 3 years! It says C’est La Vie on the chest & it’s just the softest, lightweight top!

Similar Jacket // Similar T //  Leggings // Similar Sneakers // Similar Hat // Nail Polish // Phone Case

Friday 6/9/23: Snapped this right before heading out for a girls weekend with my Mom and sister!! We have a mini road trip ahead of us and I thought this sundress and cozy sweater (which I’ve been throwing on a ton lately!) would be the perfect combo. When I was packing, I pulled out a duffle bag – for weekend trips, I try to use as small of a bag as possible – and Dan was like, why don’t you just pack everything in your AWAY suitcase? And IDK why, but it never crossed my mind and wow, I’m so glad I did!

Similar Dress // Sweater // Similar Sandals // AWAY Carry-On // Similar Straw Tote // Nail Polish // Phone Case

Saturday 6/10/23: We were at The Sagamore Resort in Lake George for the weekend (which was so incredibly wonderful) and Saturday morning we just hopped into our bathing suits and hung out by the pool/lake …so I didn’t get dressed until dinner when I threw on this cozy maxi that I got last year! I wish I had a link, but it was a TJ Maxx find. The brand is Rolla Coster and the past few times I’ve been in store, I’ve seen it in some other colors – I’m dying to go back and get a couple more! There are a few on Poshmark, but I’ll link some similar dresses below!

Similar dress here and here // Similar Sandals // Nail Polish // Phone Case

Sunday 6/11/23: We had a yummy breakfast before spending the day by the pool and then driving back home, so I just threw these loose & comfy shorts and a tank over my bathing suit in the AM. I swear I tried to iron the shorts but I think something was up with the iron in our hotel room – I could not get it to work for the life of me, so I just gave up. So, apologies for the wrinkles. They were also a TJ Maxx find, the brand is Urban Romantics, you can definitely find them on Poshmark, but I’ll link similar options below.

Similar Shorts here and here // Tank // Similar Sandals // Nail Polish // Phone Case

Overall, I’m proud of myself for these week 3 outfits! I definitely tried to make more of an effort and aside from those very well-loved nude sandals, everything else was making a first appearance. We have a busy week and weekend ahead, my birthday is on Sunday and I’m looking forward to some fun, low-key plans to celebrate. ◡̈

Wishing you all a great week! XOXO

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